Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen "Interesting" Things About Me
Interesting being a relative term...

1. I can put my entire fist in my mouth
I know it's gross but I figured I'd better get it out of the way!
2. I was the President of the First Women's Rugby Club at Saint Joseph's University
(Started by Melissa Byrne)
3. I met my husband in a liquor store
4. I've ground(?)my teeth so much over the years that I no longer have any points on them.
(Makes ripping raw meat apart difficult)
5. I love Salami with Cream Cheese
(Don't knock it 'til you try it!)
6. I was born in New York City
7. I still have the underwear I wore on my wedding day- weird, I know- but they fit-AWESOME!
8. Our wedding was on TV
(Buff Brides)
9. I start listening to Christmas music- sporadically- before Halloween
10. I never EVER EVER wanted to be a teacher
11. I let my husband pick our China pattern
(BIG mistake! Oddly enough, it's pink!)
12. I LOVE the city of Philadelphia- I would live there if my family were there.
13. I always said I would end up with someone who was taller than me-5'10- but I am significantly taller than my husband- and I wear heels!

There you have it....13 "interesting" facts about me. Now you can sleep better knowing what you know- or maybe you'll sleep worse!
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LunaNik said...

Ok, Buff Brides?!? Now you HAVE to post a wedding pic! And, your entire fist in your mouth...ouch!

Stella said...

You would think it might doesn't.
I was not like one of those body building women...I'll have to find a good pic!!

crazy working mom said...

I wanna hear more about this "Buff Brides" business!

Nicholas said...

When did you discover you could put your fist into your mouth?

Stella said...

Someone dared me to try and put my fist in my mouth when I was a teenager and the publicity just stemmed from there! ;)

This is an abridged version for all inquiring minds

If you go to the main page and see the picture of me in the blue sports bra- I look like I'm dying or something. They told me to make it look like I was unhappy...

mels said...

Rugby... Those were the years...

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