Monday, October 15, 2007

Can I just Say

It is never a good sign that when you approach the faculty bathroom you can smell the Lysol more than 20 feet away!

that is all.


crazy working mom said...

*LOL* My daughter will NOT go #2 in a bathroom unless there's some sort of air freshener there. She's too embarrassed that someone might smell it!

LunaNik said...

So funny!! At my very first job after high school, I worked for a small company that occupied an even smaller office space. I was the "newbie" in the company and so was given the office right next to the bathroom. Needless to say that during the late morning, early afternoon rush to the bathroom (u know, after everyone's coffee kicked in) the foul smell mixed with air freshener was repulsive!

PS - As a fellow NJ mom, I've just become your newest reader =)

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