Thursday, May 6, 2010


Being a teacher in NJ right now is difficult, to say the least.  To be quite frank, being a teacher anywhere is difficult but the political climate of NJ at this point in time is ramping things up for those of us in education sector.  I find myself to be one of the lucky ones for once simply because I work in Catholic education.  Although, that's no walk in the park either.

It's the end of the school year and I'm overwhelmed. 

It's teacher appreciation week and I think I feel more underappreciated than ever this week.

It's May and I'm wishing it were the end of June- as I have been since just before Easter.

I hate that I feel this way.

I've said it tons of times before, I love my job.  I come here because working with teenagers is what I believe I'm called to do.  I enjoy teaching and I enjoy what I teach.  I like the kids at my school.  I enjoy being here.  But I'm finding that I'm at a point where if Summer doesn't come soon I'm going to hate my job and resent my students.

And that makes me sad.

I think any teacher, especially those who teach in un-air conditioned schools, can attest to the fact that when the temperature rises outside the tension tends to rise inside.  Things are crazy.  Teachers are at their wits' end and the kids are nuts.

And life is overwhelming.

I don't dread coming to work but I worry about what will greet me within my email inbox and who will walk into my room with an issue that is bigger than anyone can fathom.  I rush to practice after school or a game and I hope that a parent will not pull me aside to talk with me about something that they see wrong or that their child is experiencing.

I need a break.

My students need a break.  These kids are overwhelmed.  Not by work.  Not by school.  By life. 

The climate of the times, whether it is in NJ or NY or CA or TX, has left people overwhelmed and exhausted.  Life is crazy and sometimes crazy is good.  Right now I feel like crazy isn't close to what we're experiencing.

And we all need a break.

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