Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am doing everything in my power right now to find a way to avoid doing my schoolwork for tonight! I have to watch one of the videos I made during residency and critique it and I just don't feel like doing it! Let's see what I can come up with to distract me and you...

-Why is it that people ignore crosswalks??
I live in NJ and the law is that if you hit someone in a crosswalk, it's your fault. In other words, you have to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. I'm taking on the new idea that I DON'T have to yield to those momos who choose to step into oncoming traffic and cross in the middle of the block because walking the 10 feet to the crosswalk is just too much!

-Why is it that when people get in their cars they think it's ok to pick their nose and dig for the deepest booger they can find?
Seriously, trying driving route 80 on a Sunday afternoon or 287 and see what you see! IT'S GROSS!

-Is it Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's goal to make every viewer weep uncontrollably?
Don't get me wrong, the people on the show deserve the houses they get and the episode on right now is heartbreaking! Little girl with cancer, going through chemo....horrible! Should never ever happen! But COME ON! I should buy stock in Kleenex between Extreme Makeover and re runs of ER where Mark Greene dies!!

-I've been tagged so I'm going to use that as my distraction now...I had to take a break and saw the tag!
Crazy Working Mom left an open tag and I'm answering it!

8 Things from this past week

1. I tasted blueberry wine and openly gagged in public for the first time since the last time I was pregnant.
2. I had dinner with a girl I was friends with in high school and she informed me that another girl we knew had been murdered in Philadelphia a few weeks ago- right where I used to row and play rugby during college.
3. For the first time since the show began I did not watch an entire episode of Grey's Anatomy on the original night it aired! (I know it's CRAZY!)
4. I realized this week that my children look almost NOTHING like me! (I think it's the hair)
5. I was completely thrown off my rocker when my students said that they believe God physically punishes people.
6. I went to see my gynecologist on Monday and was informed that it would be a good idea to get a cancer screening for three different types of cancer. (I had actually wanted it voluntarily for breast cancer and she actually was going to mention it to me anyway.)
7. My son showed me that he has a memory like a STEEL TRAP when he was able to sing along, word for word, with the songs from his Saturday morning music class!
8. My husband and I watched "Knocked Up" and it scared us into not having any more children any time soon! (Eventually, just not now!)

Ok, so I've tried to distract and procrastinate and in the process I actually got all of my school work done and also helped my husband do his work! Now I'm going to watch "Brothers and Sisters" because I really love Rob Lowe!



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