Monday, October 8, 2007

Manic Monday

I'm having issues with the link and the logo for Manic Monday so hopefully if you click on the above words they should bring you to the Manic Monday homepage. The homepage will explain exactly what Manic Monday is. Essentially, it's a cue word that you use to blog on.
This Week's Theme: Track(s)

My immediate thought upon "hearing" tracks is the deer tracks we used to see all the time in my backyard and around my house when I was growing up. (I also think of the race track, Meadowlands to be specific, but that's not nearly as interesing! :) )
We moved to NJ from NYC and it was like moving to the most rural country you could think of- to me at least. All of a sudden animals were not in cages, they were in my backyard. I would get up for school in the morning and there would be these footprints, aka Tracks, along the front walkway of our house. They were unique. Not cat tracks or dogs or squirrels. But raccoons and deer Tracks.
I guess the fact that I knew the deer were RIGHT THERE is what brought me to my fear of deer and deer Tracks. If the Tracks were there then that meant the deer were right there, too!
I ended up having a horrible nightmare where a deer was given these person like qualities. He was dressed in typical hunter gear, overalls, red and black checked shirt, hunting cap, and he was coming after me to eat my hands. Hey, as a 6 year old that's pretty scary! Even now, I can picture exactly what my dream and my brain had created and it still makes me nervous. I really can't stand deer!
I'm still deathly afraid of deer. I won't get out of my car if there is one on the lawn and if I see one in the distance, I book it from my car to my front door. They frighten me even when I'm in my car driving. I think that's because I've now had two run smack dab into the side of my car and cause a large amount of damage. I think I will always be afraid of deer. The Tracks are persistent reminders, to me, that the deer are always around me and I know we pushed them out of their habitat, yadda yadda yadda, but I'm still afraid of them and I don't want them around me.


the teach said...

Stella great post for Manic Monday! I come from NYC and have to go to NY unstate or to NJ to see deer etc.

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Welcome to MM.

Sarge Charlie said...

thanks for stopping by hurry back where are you a mountain momma

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