Monday, October 22, 2007

Manic Monday

I know it's pretty half assed today. I'm swamped at work and I skipped some schoolwork that needed to get done....
The theme today is Frost and I've searched and I've searched for exactly what came to mind when I saw this week's theme and I cannot find an image for it ANYWHERE!
Immediately I thought of Jack Frost from the claymation Christmas special. Don't ask me how or why that came to my head but it did! Jack Frost all white and clue and cold looking.
Makes me want winter right now!
I can't stand scraping frost off the windows of my car in the mornings but I do love the winter and the snow. I love when the house windows get a thin layer of frost and ice and you can "draw" on them.
It's just such a magical time of year when nature takes over and makes everything so pretty- in my opinion!


LunaNik said...

Have to say, I'm not a winter girl. I agree that frost and snow are lovely, but I'll take a 90 degree weather over it any day!! Living in Jersey gives us the opportunity to enjoy all 4 seasons which is nice, but I would be a very happy girl if winter only lasted, oh I don't know, a month. This way I could enjoy the winter without getting sick of it.

crazy working mom said...

Happy MM...I was home with a sick one today. :(

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