Sunday, October 14, 2007


I have this tendency to leave our mail in the mailbox for days at a time...not a great thing but I do it. I usually just forget. I just went out and got the mail from roughly the past 6 days and amongst the bills and catalogs were two cards from a good friend of mine. They had clearly arrived earlier in the week, meant to come to me on two different days but with my mail ignoring I got them today. They were just two cards letting me know that she was thinking of me and missing me thanking me for being a friend. She's getting married next week and, as any bride can attest to, these past few weeks have been quite stressful and I've tried my best to do whatever she's needed whether it was to listen or help her do seating charts via text messaging!

Little does she know that those two cards were exactly what I needed to see! She made my day, my week even...maybe even my two weeks! She gave me a good smile and even brought a tear to my eye. She may think I'm a great friend but she's an even better one and knows just when I need it!!


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