Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Reserve the Right

I reserve the right to go into my daughter's room and pick her up from a deep slumber and hold her. I also reserve the right to accept, and sometimes not accept, the consequences that go along with that action!

Our lives can often be quite hectic and it sometimes feels like we come home from work, feed the kids, feed ourselves, get the kids ready for bed and that's it. The craziness of the evening washes away any chance to spend a piece of quality time with them. My kids go to bed by 8pm. If they are not in bed by then the next day does not go well for anyone who interacts with them.

Last night I put Addison to bed and went back downstairs to do some schoolwork. I wandered back upstairs for bed around 10 or 10:30. I checked on Nicholas, sleeping peacefully- thank God! Went in to check on Addison and she was asleep on her stomach. This drives me nuts- read scares me. She rolls great...all the time...but it still makes me nervous that she sleeps on her stomach. So, I flip her over each time I check on her and see she's put herself in that stomach position. Last night was no different. I flipped her over, turned on her music and she was back asleep within seconds- if she even really woke up. I put in some laundry, helped Pat with something and then, just before I got into bed, I went back and checked on her. She hadn't rolled back over, she was still on her back. I think she stays that way until she knows I'm done checking her, so she won't be bothered! :) I stood and stared at her for a few moments and then decided to pick her up. I just wanted to hold her, so I did. I did not care if she woke up and stayed awake...I would take care of her. I just wanted to rock her and hold her. She doesn't like to be cradled anymore. She almost 7 months old and if she doesn't have a bottle in her hands or isn't being fed then she doesn't always like to be held/cradled. So I held her and I rocked her and she slept the whole time, snuggled into me. It was perfect. I put her down after a few minutes and headed to bed. Pat thought I was nuts- what if she had woken up? Who cares? I would've given her a bottle and she would've gone right back to sleep. I told him I carried her around for 8 months, I pushed her out, I reserve the right to pick her up whenever I want. I also reserve the right to make him take care of her if I wake her up! ;)


Girl said...

Yes, yes you do.

crazy working mom said...

Great post! Makes me miss those cuddly times. Mine is two and he'll still let me rock him at bed time. I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

aww this is cute. my little one is 5 1/2 months old and LOVES sleeping on her stomach. that is the only way she will sleep now. the doctor told me that if she can pick her head up really well, and move it from side to side, that sleeping on her tummy shouldn't be a problem and it hasn't been. she loves it. that doesn't mean i don't check on her ALL the time, haha. :) she still sleeps in our room, but in her pack and play.

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