Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm Watching

Well, I bit the bullet...I'm on Weight I sit here eating my 100 calorie Lorna Doone cookies which are delicious but still...

I decided that since my medication is readjusting everything in my body to work differently and I am clearly not able to maintain an ok weight or lose weight with ease anymore, it was time to do something about it. My friend K and I decided that Weight Watchers was the way to go! I have never had anything but good experiences on WW. When I joined before our wedding, WW actually led me to the TV show that followed my weight loss journey and wedding prep- and the 30 pounds I lost. When I joined after our son was born it helped me to come back down to just below my pre pregnancy weight and jump started my major weight loss to where I was before our daughter was born. WW has always worked for me and I really like the structured aspect of it with points, etc.

It's funny, but I've almost always done WW with a friend. It just makes it easier for me...I have to be responsible to someone besides myself. This time is no different. K and I are really trying to lose a good amount of weight and we've discovered we have no justifications as to why we shouldn't be trying. I used to use the excuse that if I lose weight then I need to buy new clothes and we just don't have the money for new clothes. We still don't have the money but I do have an extra wardrobe of smaller sized clothes that I know will fit if I lose the weight. So there goes that excuse! I used to say that I never had time for meetings or to get them. Now there's a WW center right by my job and I can go online all day and track my foods. Plus, since our house is wireless I can have my laptop in the kitchen with me as I prepare dinner and track all of my points. The only problem I can foresee is exercise. When in the world am I going to fit in exercise?!?!? I had thought about getting up around 5, instead of 5:30, to go out and walk/run/bike but we live in the mountains- hence the blog title- and we do have bears around. I'm just not comfortable with risking my life with a bear so that I can be skinnier. By the time I get home, I'm exhausted. Although, I did used to work out in the evenings just before bed...maybe it's back to that! I've also decided to start yoga on Sunday mornings...lets see how that goes!

Now, why do I hate WW? Because I LOVE food! You can eat anything you want on WW, everything has a points value and you deduct the points you eat from your daily allowance. You also get a weekly surplus type of thing, I try not to eat that weekly surplus or at least only dip into it slightly. I feel I lose faster that way. The problem is that some of the foods I love the most have the highest points. It is all about portion control and I am not good at that....guess I have to get good at it. Hopefully, my stomach will shrink enough that I won't even have to worry about portion control. Although, the only time my stomach really shrinks is when I'm pregnant and God knows that's not happening anytime soon!

So, yes, I'm back on WW. I'm happy about it because it was my choice...I don't have a deadline right now but for every milestone I will be rewarding myself. I think the first 5 pounds might mean a pedicure, a spa pedicure and 10 pounds may mean a new pair of shoes but I'm just not sure yet! Join me, if you'd like, on this journey...we can eat our way think together!


Girl said...

My Momma did real well on WW. 80 pounds well. I wish you luck.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Good luck! So many people are so successful with WW. Maybe I should try it...

I try to make time for working out, but it's hard with two kids. Getting up at 5 AM doesn't sound so great since I'm usually up around 4 to feed the baby. There's just no time.

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