Monday, October 8, 2007

Singing in the Shower

I'm off today, thank God and Christopher Columbus! I really needed a break...I know it's only like a month and a half into the school year but I think all of us needed a break! I needed it to be Monday morning and not have to get up at 5. I loved the fact that my husband woke me up at 6:30am to tell me I was running late and I could say, "I don't have work today". GREAT FEELING!

Days off are usually my opportunity to catch up on things. I got a lot of cleaning done and baking and general organizing, which is always a good thing. Everything is still completely disorganized but I feel a little bit better! I also take my days off as chances to take a longer shower. My showers are normally 5 to 8 minutes MAX! I wake up jump in the shower, wash my hair, brush my teeth- yes I brush my teeth in the shower, wash myself, rinse and jump out. VERY QUICK! No time to dilly dally in the morning. On days off, though, I can do all of those things that I don't have time to do during the week or when I'm working. I can the time to deep condition my hair, shave my legs, use that apple sugar body scrub that reminds me of fall, you know, the things that make me feel good and relaxed.

Today was no different. My intention was to take a lovely long shower and get all of those things done and relax for a few extra moments. I waited until after 1pm. Nicholas had been fed lunch, Addison had napped for the morning and had finished her bottle and half a container of food- it seemed like a good time. I put Nicholas in his bed with the hopes of him napping. Normally, I would put Addison in her crib but she had been in it for 2.5 hours earlier today and I felt bad so I put her in her bouncy and put the bouncy in the bathroom with me. I got in the shower and wouldn't you know the moment the razor hit my leg she began to scream. "Oh shit!" Was the first thing to go through my head. Then I peeked my head out and she calmed for a minute or two. Not long enough, obviously. What could I use, short of jumping out of the shower soaking wet, one leg 1/4 of the way shaven, to calm her and get her to stay in the bouncy happily? Then I started to sing and almost immediately she stopped. I started off with the song "Sing" from Sesame Street and she was silent. Then I tried "Twinkle, Twinkle" back to whining and crying. Ok, how about the "A,B,Cs"? Nope, more crying. Back to "Sing" it was. I must have sung that song about 25 times but I really did not care because I was able to "accomplish" all of my shower tasks that I wanted to and I didn't have to rush and she was perfectly content to sit and listen to me sing! I considered jumping out and bringing her in the shower with me at the end for a quick impromptu bath but then decided against it for the sheer fact that I was afraid something might happen- slipping, dropping, etc.- and Pat wasn't home to help me!

So my day off has been relatively nice although Nicholas never slept and he ended up EXPLODING in his diaper which resulted in an impromptu shower for him, but that's ok because it's quick and easy- no shaving his legs or apple sugar scrub!


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