Thursday, October 11, 2007

Second Edition

Thirteen Television Shows That I Love

(Yes, I am well aware that I am OBSESSED with TV)

1. Grey's Anatomy

2. ER- mainly reruns

3. Scrubs

(Are we sensing a doctor theme here?)

4. The Cosby Show

5. The Daily Show

6. Brothers and Sisters

7. Kate & Allie

8. Top Chef

9. OLD SCHOOL Saturday Night Live

10. Third Watch

(No longer on, not even reruns but I love it!)

11. Dawson's Creek

(It's a sickness, I know)

12. DOG the Bounty Hunter is tied with Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter

13. Handy Manny

(It's a Disney Show and I can't resist it!)

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Angela Klocke said...

The only one I can relate to is Scrubs :)

Harris Channing said...

Hey, if you love doc shows, check out HOUSE. It's awesome!!


Wolfie said...

Well my fav is CSI..

Mousepie said...

I watch ER, even though it has gone downhill in recent years. Scrubs lost its edge several seasons ago, and has become mawkish and with a tendency to sentimental slush. I’d watch it just to look at Sarah Chalke for half an hour but I don’t think my wife would consider that a good enough reason!

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