Thursday, October 18, 2007

Growth Spurt?

I'm fairly certain that I'm growing. Not widening or fattening but growing...taller. I put on a pair of pants this morning, in my mad rush to get to work since I woke up 90 minutes late, and they were short! When I purchased these pants, they were long. I mean really long. Like I couldn't wear them without some type of heel because they would drag on the ground long. What the hell happened??!?!

The jeans I was wearing yesterday, also notoriously long. I actually think I purchased them during that XL phase at the Gap. I couldn't wear those jeans without a pair of pumps on because, again, the pants would drag. Most days I didn't give a crap but these are the jeans that I considered my going out jeans because you can't wear pumps and a sweatshirt...just doesn't work! So, I wore these jeans yesterday and yes, they were still somewhat long but nothing like they used to be!

My favorite pair of work pants, aka slacks, short! Bought them and they fit, had a little extra length but nothing MAJOR! Now, I have to remember to pull them down and have them sit on the lower part of my hips after I use the restroom. What is going on!??!?!?

I do not dry my pants in the dryer so that's not the answer. I KNOW they shrink that way! I wash them every 3 or 4th wear...I know to some of you that seems gross, but I wear pants every day. No skirts for me!! I just don't see the need to wash them would ruin them. I wear just about the same shoes with my pants all the time, so it can't be them. If anything, the heel on the shoes is getting worn down and I would seem shorter. Not the case!! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!

The pants I have on today cost a lot of money, for me at least. They were like $70 pants. I don't spend $70 on pants...I hate spending that much money on any clothing item, unless it's a "fancy" dress. These pants should not be shrinking!! I bought them because they fit PERFECTLY. Now? Not so much! Could I really be hitting a growth spurt at 27.5? This is really going to freak my husband out, I'm already gigantor compared to him! Good lord this is annoying! I can't stand sitting here in these pants! I just want to put on my jeans and be comfortable, except that they're my going out jeans and I would feel the need to dress up and that's just not going to happen!


Oh, The Joys said...

Are you related to Stretch Armstrong?

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