Friday, January 4, 2008

Some More Ramblings

Can you tell I'm in a rambling mood? Reminds me of that Allman Brothers song. God, I used to LOVE the Allman Brothers...still do, just not as much! I could listen to "Melissa" and "Jessica" over and over again...I just loved the way they sounded.
I fell in love with AB during one of my first summers in West Virginia, I also fell in love with John Denver during one of those summers. I would go down with my church to help build houses or rebuild houses damaged by the 500 year flood that occurred in 1980s. (A la Habitat for Humanity, but not associated with them.) My parents actually helped to found the trip, along with a small group of girls from our youth ministry. It has been taking place for more than 20 years and it is an incredible project. But part of our time in WV, when not working on houses, was spent hanging around the VFW hall where we slept and ate. People would bring down their guitars and we'd sing or rather, they would sing while we played cards or just talked. It was a really good time. I loved the times I went. I enjoyed helping others and seeing the beautiful country. Each time we'd drive along the bumpy winding river road I would be sure to play "Country Roads" by John Denver because it was like going to a home away from home each summer. Those were great summers.
The hot doctor was not so hot yesterday. Well, let me clarify that... He was hot. He's still quite beautiful, handsome, hot, whatever word you want to use. And his personality is still quite charming. And he's proving to me over and over again that he is an excellent doctor who does really take his time to examine each patient and case in a thorough and complete manner. But yesterday, for a few moments, not so hot. I expected to leave their with a date for surgery. Instead, I left with a bandaged, bleeding, sore shoulder. To determine what is completely going on inside my shoulder the doctor gave me some sort of injection. DIRECTLY IN MY JOINT. It was not fun. It was not pleasurable. And for those moments that I anticipated the needle and then actually felt the needle, he was not hot. So there you have it: Normally hot doctor wielding GIANT needle= Not. So. Hot.
It's Friday. I'm so glad it's Friday. The husband has off tomorrow for the first time in WEEKS and I'm excited to get some stuff done around the house and run errands and just hang out. I am not looking forward to the one errand he needs to run. He needs new shoes. (My friend H will find this part kind of funny) I hate shoe shopping with my husband but I have to do it tomorrow because the boy needs a haircut and it's just easier to all go and get things done together. But, yes, I LOATHE shoe shopping with him. He is worse than a woman shoe shopping. Although, I really don't find women all that bad when they're shoe shopping. Most of them know what they want, where they can find it, and where they can get the best price for their size. BUT, I digress....My husband and shoes is the eternal battle. He often will choose comfort over style- understandable considering he's on his feet 90% of the day. But the style that comes along with his comfort is freaking hideous sometimes I just can't bear it! I also can't make a suggestion on a shoe that is nice looking and potentially comfortable because that immediately takes it out of the running for him. I'm hoping tomorrow is easy. The past few times have been, he's just gotten repeats of the shoes he was getting rid of. This time I heard him mention something about trying a new style. GREAT! Can't wait!!
I don't know if I talked about Christmas on here but we had a really good one. We spent Christmas eve and day with family and then we were supposed to spend the day after with family but ended up in the ER instead. Pretty typical! :)
I do have to say that I was very lucky and people were very generous to my entire family. I received a number of nice presents including a beautiful silver locket from my parents and a gorgeous pearl and diamond pendant from the husband. There was one gift that I did not receive that I was hoping for, although I'm not overly disappointed about it. I was dying for a Wii. Seriously. I really wanted one. I still kind of do but I'm having a hard time reconciling the price with the actual item. My husband, or actually we, have a PS2 and an Xbox- regular Xbox, not 360. I was considering purchasing him a 360 for Christmas or his birthday but the cash went other places. Like bills and toys. Good thing I didn't because he really doesn't want one, I don't think. I think I'm pulling him over to the Wii dark side. Can I tell you part of the reason that I really want the Wii. Other than the fact that I'm super excited to clean up my bowling skills and work on some guitar hero moves. I hear it's pretty good exercise. Crazy right? So, I've been scouring eBay to see what they have and actually they have some reasonably priced. I may have to put away a little mad money each week and surprise myself for my birthday with a brand new Wii. We'll see. I wonder what the WW activity points are on that.
I decided to email that friend I told you I had the dream about. It was weird. I spoke to two of my other friends who knew him and the one hadn't heard from him or his wife in awhile. But the other had run into him about a year ago in a bar and had a conversation with him that changed her. No details really necessary. It was just a weird conincedence because my friend and him were never close, just passing acquaintances kind of thing. Then I got in my car last night and I was listening to XM comedy and a comedian came on and started off his routine announcing that in July he will have been in remission for 3 years from his Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. WHOA! That's what told me I had to try and contact him. So I emailed assuming he'd think I was nuts or not contact me back. Not only did he not think I was completely nuts, he thinks the dream was a sign that we needed to reconnect our friendship. He's perfectly healthy by the way. (I do have some other thoughts on this but I'll keep them completely private)
My randomness has been because I can't think of any one big thing to blog about. Maybe I'm trying too hard. Maybe tomorrow we'll get some big boy underwear for the boy and see how we do with some potty training. Maybe tomorrow my husband will make my life incredibly stress free and buy the first pair of shoes he finds that comfortable AND stylish. Maybe tomorrow we'll take down Christmas, it is almost Epiphany. Maybe tomorrow I'll think of something more substantial to blog about because one of my bloggy friends will have given me a GREAT suggestion of something to write on. Maybe tomorrow I'll run into hot doctor and it will put a little shine on my weekend. Definitely tomorrow I'm going to enjoy my family, run a bunch of errands and take the kids to see their grandpa and get some yummy Italian food. It'll be a good day and a good weekend, hope yours is just as good!


LunaNik said...

i really want a wii too!!!!! i occassionally play xbox360 with hubby but we both really want a wii, maybe in a month or two we'll get one

hubby's a picky shoe guy, eh? hehehe, that's funny. i hope he doesn't drive you too crazy this weekend!

and you should have taken the opportunity to SPANK that hot doc for being such a bad boy and sticking you with a needle ;)

Stella said...

You are so right! I totally should've spanked him! ;)

Huckdoll said...

Randomness is really good and theraputic! Sometimes it's actually a nice peek into someone else's head, you know? Keep up the good work!

When I had my twins via c-section, my uterus hemmoraged and I was also given a shot in the same joint. I've always wondered WHY the only part of my body that wasn't frozen, but now I figure there must be some theory behind it.

Have a great weekend! And thanks for the comments on my new layout (and Frasier!)

OHmommy said...

Our husbands should shoe shop together. Comfort? Style? Price? Comfort? Over and over again.

BTW... I love your ramblings!

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