Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Forget What I Said, I have a Resolution

Maybe it's not a resolution but it's pretty close to it. Here is what I've decided for this year and hopefully I'll be able to stick to it because I only have until February. I have resolved to have my son potty trained by his 3rd birthday. There you have it. It's in writing out in cyberspace for all to see and hold me to. My son will be using the potty regularly by his third birthday at the beginning of February.

Up until now I haven't been so concerned with it. My pediatrician made it clear to me at his 2 year check up that it was not a big deal for him not to be potty trained before he hit the big 3. That made me feel good. I felt like I didn't have to stress over the potty if he didn't seem ready. He hasn't seemed ready. I am now ready. I am ready to tackle this head on and the husband is, too. The boy seems ready as well. He knows when he's pooped and he wants to be changed. It's time!

That's my resolution. This child will be peeing and pooping on the potty like a pro by February 10th and if he's not, well I don't know...I'm not letting that be an option!

Any moms out there who have had success with potty training your sons please share your tips and methods because I'm starting from square one with a Dora potty seat and a lazy little guy who doesn't want to take a break from playing to pee!


Melissa said...

My son turns 3 on the 15th of this month. We are using that to get him started. We had a new baby 6 months ago, so we haven't pushed him, but I think we are all getting ready now. I put "big boy undies" in his stocking and he said "these are for when I'm 3". We'll see how it goes. Good luck!

LunaNik said...

My daughter pooped exactly one time on the potty and hasn't gone again since. I'm hoping to get her on the ball again soon but I don't think she's quite ready yet. If your son is ready then go for it. I heard it's easy with boys...just put a Cheerio in the potty and have him pee on it. Apparently, it works like a charm.

Feener said...

i have heard that boys are harder to train then girls. i have 2 girls and the older one is trained, but it was no easy feat AND there are still plenty of days with accidents or fighting the bathroom. actually i think i need to get her in the potty asap !!

if you could send me the recipes for the egg dish and the creme brulee french toast ???

The Sports Mama said...

Neither of my boys wanted to use the "big boy" potty until after their 3rd birthdays... but it was only a couple of months or so after. And with both of them, it only took a few days at that point, because they were MENTALLY ready, not just physically. They had geared themselves up for big boy underwear (Just.Like.Dad) and declared themselves ready.

The whole putting-items-in-the-toilet thing didn't work for us. It actually sort of backfired. Just be careful what your son thinks it would be fun to watch as it flushes away.... lol....

Good luck to you! But remember not to beat yourself up over it. He'll decide he wants to quit the diapers when he notices all of his little friends aren't wearing them anymore!

Don Mills Diva said...

That's a good one - I'll be interested to hea how it goes!

OHmommy said...

Jay and Lola were potty trained, very early (like 28 months and 23 months old).

I have some thoughts on the issue. Like the prices of diapers. They suck. The rest of the entire world is trained by 18 months with no accidents and no negative reinforcements.

Buy underwear. Have him drink lots of juice while sitting on the potty. Do the happy potty dance. Over and over again. And over again. It takes a lot of patience. But they get it. Don't doubt your child... they are so incredibly smart.

All kids are different.

I just kept them in underwear and threw a lot out. A lot. They got tired of being wet. They were potty trained.

Again, hate to sound like a... diaper snob. But, I don't get it. Neither does supper nanny. Have themwet themselves. Not for a day. Not for two. But for a week and it is all over with. It really is that simple.

Are we still friends?

When else will it be acceptable for your son to pee himself? Okay, well maybe... you are right.... when you are the inlaws and purchasing the minivan of his dreams as a new father. Right?

lattemommy said...

I haven't trained a boy, but I have heard that the Cheerio thing works well. I have also heard that putting blue food coloring in the toilet water is good - when they pee in it the water turns green.

And, of course, rewards: stickers, small toys, books, chocolate chips...

Huckdoll said...

I'm so happy to hear that three is the age. I've started potty training C&L but honeslty, they just don't seem ready to me and it becomes a constant struggle. That being said, moms all around me are training early. Anyway, thanks for the post - it was reassuring! My girls don't turn three until September.

jennifer said...

Oh, good luck! I am NOT looking forward to doing this myself...I'm the one who's not ready.

Stella said...

Thanks for all the comments!! I think he is ready or at least very close to ready.
We tried pull ups and those cool feel underwear types of diapers a few months back and they did NOTHING except make it IMPOSSIBLE to change him. My mom said just like ohmommy said, use regular underwear and just let him get wet. I don't have a problem with that but I'm think I probably should've done that while he was home with on break. I'm guessing daycare probably wouldn't like it too much.
I'm think, the husband and I are both home for most of this weekend so maybe it's something we'll try this weekend. I've heard that sometimes it can be done in just a few short days!
We'll see....I like the blue water idea, never heard that one before!

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