Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NOT under the knife

So, I'm here, I'm posting, I'm NOT in surgery and won't be this week. It's a long story that ends with me being yelled at by a very unhappy woman who clearly needs a career change. It looks like it has been pushed back to next week pending approval. I'm tired of this shit. Seriously tired of it. I have never wanted to be cut open so badly in my life and now I just can't seem to make that happen. Thank you for all your well wishes and thoughts and prayers, I will carry them with me through next week and hopefully through my surgery! I'm still accepting food..... ;)
Whymommy came through her surgery like a champ and is recovering nicely. Of course uncomfortable but recovering and the surgery was a success!! Thanks for visiting her and sending your thoughts her way, as well! I know she appreciated them!


lattemommy said...

Sorry to hear you've been delayed. So crappy. Nothing worse than all the waiting. Good luck when the time comes, hopefully soon.

LunaNik said...

Oh that sux!

Sorry to hear that you got yelled at too!

Next time, smack that bee-yotch!

Don Mills Diva said...

Soory about your delay but great news about Whymommy!

OHmommy said...

The waiting... is the worst. So sorry.

BTW, you can totally steal the birthday poem. WHen does she turn 1?

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