Monday, January 7, 2008

The Donut or the Doughnut- however you'd like to spell it

I told you I'd be singing a different tune by this week, and I am. Is it Friday yet?!?! I am so tired and I cannot figure out why! We did NOTHING this weekend...well, not true, but nothing exhausting. I'm just so tired. (And no I'm not pregnant. BITE YOUR TONGUE!) I think I'm going to leave work, finally get in and OFFICIALLY sign up for Weight Watchers and then go home and go straight to bed. And lock my bedroom door so that the husband and the boy can't join me at any point tonight!

While I haven't been officially following WW, I have been doing it somewhat unofficially. Although the 1/4 of an Italian sub last night, courtesy of my mom ;), might have pushed me slightly over points. I don't really care! I am really proud of myself today. I had my Lean Cuisine pizza, which is surprisingly good. These frozen meals have gotten somewhat tasty, finally! And I was sitting there drinking my water and chit chatting with my other fellow teachers- who also wish it were Friday or snowing- and I was contemplating a donut or doughnut. Someone had brought in DD today and left it in the faculty dining room. They were SO tempting. Really just so tempting. I wasn't hungry but I could've totally gone for one. I got up and perused the multiple boxes of sweet fried dough. Mmmmmmm they just look so good. I was looking for a sugared air raised one- none to be found. Ok, I'd take a nice glazed one. There it was. Did I really want it? How was I going to feel after I consumed it? Was it really worth the guilt that I knew I'd place on myself? No. I ignored the donuts. I didn't consume a single one! YES! I really felt like I had accomplished a tiny victory.

See, that's my problem...well, no...I can stay away from ice cream and candy and crap junk food, for the most part. My issue is not stopping. It's portion. It's knowing when to say no. We really don't have a lot of junk food in the house. There is ice cream but the husband eats that like it's cocaine. I've stocked the fridge with frozen entrees and WW desserts. I don't keep too much in the way of fresh veggies because they go bad too quickly. But I have plenty of frozen and some canned. It's a matter of me making it and then controlling myself. Hopefully, I'll be able to handle that this time around. I'm actually very excited to get this ball rolling. I love going into the meetings each week and the feeling deep down inside that I'm pretty sure I've lost something! I love seeing the numbers go down and the clothes feel looser. I'm excited for this journey and I really feel like I'm doing it more for me than to lose baby weight, or get ready for my wedding or get ready to have another baby or something like that. Those motivations are all wonderful but this time I think it'll stick because it's just for me and to feel good!

Although that donut would have made me feel good momentarily.....maybe....


LunaNik said...

Lots of luck! Dieting can be so hard. But you are right about the tiny victories thing. It seems as if dieting always comes back to making just one smart food choice at a time, ya know.

Don Mills Diva said...

Go luck. Portion is my problem too - I eat really healthy - it's just hard not to eat too darn much.

MrJourneyman said...

I'm considering doing the WW online thing ;) When I was doing meetings last year, WW really good luck to you! *grin*


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