Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Midterm Time, I don't have a Clever Title

Lunanik tagged me for a meme which I promise I will get to later on today or tomorrow!

So, the boy had his X rays done on Tuesday and the girl got three shots. It was a banner day and guess who took care of it all? The husband. Tuesday is his day off and since I knew he'd be home with the kids, I made the appointments so that he could take them. This would be a first. My husband has "tagged along" to the pediatrician with me and he's came with us when the boy had his surgery- duh- but he's never done the doctor alone with the kids. And as I'm sure some of you know, it can be an adventure to take any child to a medical professional!

I made sure to make the appointments for later in the afternoon so that there really wouldn't be any rush and the husband wouldn't have to worry about getting the kids up and out in the morning. The night before, Monday evening, I reminded the husband, "Don't forget you have to take the kids to the doctor tomorrow. The girl needs to catch up on vaccines and the boy is having his x rays done tomorrow." I knew he was only half listening because he was watching highlights from Sunday's games.
"No, husband, you need to take the girl to the pediatrician and then I'll meet you at the imaging center for the boy's X rays. Did you hear me?" Only slightly annoyed because we'd gone over this about a dozen times.
"Wait, what? I have to take them to the doctor? Alone?"
"Uh, yeah. First the pediatrician and then I'll meet you for the X ray."
"I've never taken them to the pediatrician alone. How am I going to do that?"
I make my husband sound totally incompetent here but he's not by any means. I think any male would be thrown off by the daunting task of hauling two kids to the pediatrician alone. Hell, I'm thrown off by it! I can't stand taking them both in there if only one of them needs to be there!
We went over times and directions, etc. and it seemed like the husband was ok. When I left early Tuesday morning I wrote out a detailed note with times, where he needed to be, etc. and left it with his wallet- he would HAVE to see it! He did. I checked in with him once via text message during the day and otherwise assumed all was well. I left work and called him and they were already done at the pediatrician's office and they were killing time before the next appointment. We met at the imaging center and I can't say I was surprised but I had my faith in my husband reaffirmed.
My husband is a really good dad. Seriously good. When our son was born, my husband who had zero experience with kids jumped in with two feet and was GREAT. He has taken a completely hands on approach and just done it all! Seriously! Does it always do it happily? No, but neither do I. I don't know many parents who do. When our daughter was born he was a little thrown off by the girl factor but, again, jumped in head first and has been amazing. Not only was he great in caring for her but with everything that has been going on with my health and ppd and the accident he has just stepped up to the plate. Tuesday was no exception.
I met them at the imaging center and there was the boy ready to go and asking for his x ray. I hadn't explained it to him because I didn't want to scare him. The husband explained it in such a way that the kid was excited about it! And the girl looked great for someone who had just been stabbed three times by hypodermic needles. He told me that the boy was a great big brother and helped the girl through her shots and was very good all day. The girl took her shots like a champ, didn't cry on the first one, whimpered on the second and all out screamed bloody murder by the third- to be expected.
As I sat there and filled out the new patient information for the boy I watched the husband kick into Mr. Mom mode or really just continue in that mode. He pulled out a bottle, from the cooler bag (that I never use- I just stick one in my purse/diaper bag), for the girl. He had an endless supply of juice boxes and cookies for the boy. He had a binkie for the girl, just in case she needed to nap. He was ON TOP of it. It really made me happy to see. I was worried-I admit it. My confidence wavered. I didn't know what I would find when I arrived at the imaging center and I found this completely prepared Dad and totally happy and content children and I was thrilled- slightly jealous, but thrilled.
The boy also did amazing. This kid walked into the x ray room and didn't even blink an eye. There are these huge machines that still make ME nervous and I've had tons of x rays and my almost 3 year old little man is just fascinated by them. He proceeds to tell the technician that he's 6 years old....yes 6 years old. I guess he's just small for his age. Then he tells her that he has a little brother. Um, no and there isn't one coming. Then he correctly identifies the colors on his lead apron and mine and then we're ready to begin. I thought this was going to be a problem. I thought it was going to take 42 times to get these shots right and get the right angle. Nope. First shot. He did GREAT. They got a clear picture of his adenoids and now we just wait. I have a pretty good feeling that surgery is in his future and to be quite frank, I'm ok with that. The kid has not breathed through his nose since he was born. His tongue is constantly hanging out of his mouth because his mouth is always open to breathe. He does not sleep straight through at night although when he does wake up, he puts himself back to sleep. Occasionally in our bed but he does go back to sleep. He snores worse than the husband does and almost as bad as my dad does! So while surgery on my child is not something I am looking forward to it is something that I think would help him and make him better and I do think it's necessary.
We'll see where the road takes us. We see his specialist next week who will hopefully give us the word on the next step. I can vividly remember his ear surgery. That was one time that the husband was A-OK with being not being "mom". I got the special task of taking the boy into the operating room and staying there as they sedated him. I have a feeling that I'll get that job again and that's ok. I'm ready for it this time, although I can't bring any cookies or juice boxes with me.


LunaNik said...

Yes the meme is a bit labor intensive. Take your time. It's a good one to save in drafts for those days when you have nothing interesting to say.

I'm glad your children did well at the doctor. And I'm glad hubby was able to handle them at the doctor!!

I'm very lucky that my hubby also isn't afraid to tackle those types of situations. As a matter of fact, both times the kids were in the ER, he took them!

HRD said...

damn.. cant say im not disappointed with no disaster but isnt it great when you see how well you work as a team and how great you did when picking out your children thats great how everything went ok. Pats a great guy and your lucky you have one another.. (no spell check here.. sorry)

but really lets me truthful.. you trained him right.. ha ha ha..

love you

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