Saturday, September 1, 2007

I always wanted a sports themed day bed

Nicholas slept in our bed last night.....again.
Before we had kids I had these visions of Saturday and Sunday mornings where all of the kids- I would, of course, have 6 or 7 of them- would pile into our bed and we'd climb underneath the immaculate white oversize down comforter that made our 4 poster King bed look like a big comfortable white cloud. And there we would sit, playing, talking, enjoying the early morning hours of our weekend....enjoying each other being a wonderful happy family!
Fast forward a wedding, two pregnancies and labors and here's the real deal....We have two kids which is enough...FOR RIGHT NOW. Our bed? Well, it doesn't even have a footboard let alone four posts to go with anything else. Although we do have a very nice hand crafted headboard courtesy of my dad. Oh yeah, it's a queen...just about large enough for um, well, me. Our big white cloudlike comforter...out the window- down would send me into such a breathing predicament that I can only imagine it would end our idyllic family Saturday morning scene. We have a red one that I loved when we received it as an early wedding gift and apparently, our cats, at the time, loved it also as does every single one of the sippy cups in our house! Immaculate does not even begin to describe what this comforter now looks like. So, now we're to the part where the kids all effortlessly climb into bed with us and we enjoy our morning....HAH! Nicholas has taken to running at full speed screaming bloody murder into our bed at around 3 in the morning. He immediately wedges himself in between Pat and I without even the thought of waking us. So 3:30 rolls around and I roll over and lo and behold somehow my two year old is in bed with us! This is where the fun begins because this is where I "gently" nudge Pat and he looks at me as to say, "WTH?!?!?" Then he realizes why I've nudged him and I hear, "Nicholas, WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOING?" Nicholas is, of course, dead to the world because he's so freaking comfortable in our bed. The rest of the night does not play out well. Nicholas sleeps diagonally which puts everyone else in the bed at a disadvantage for actually getting space or sleep. I have been known to sleep on the edge of the bed with my hand anchored on the floor to make sure I don't go flying out of the bed. And after a wonderful night of sleep, Nicholas is up at 5:30 bouncing off the walls asking for Noggin and his sippy cup- at the top of his lungs!
This is the most common scenario for us and our bed sharing. Usually, we can add Addison in around 8 in the morning and get maybe 5 minutes before freak out ensues from all parties involved because breakfasts need to be made and diapers need to be changed. A less common scenario involves Nicholas, 3am and our bedroom TV. He takes both remotes, again wedges himself in between us both and then whacks one of us in the head, unintentionally of course, and says he wants the TV on, please. Well, he did say please and neither one of us has any concept of time or space so of course the TV goes on. Well, what SICK SICK SICKO decided that it would be important for children's programming to be on at ALL hours of the day?!?!? Seriously, I do NOT enjoy sleeping to the sounds of Kipper the Dog or Sagwa the Cat...the dreams are frightening for all involved!
So my resolution? I'm getting a new bed. My new bed is going to look remarkably like a day bed that was once a crib. It has sports themed sheets and a lovely headboard and even two side boards. It's got it's own music box that will lull me to sleep with lights and swimming fish. And of course it has this wonderfully warm green fleece blanket with satin trim. It's mine and I really don't care if there is anyone else, namely a 2.5 year old boy, in it with me....I'm sleeping there!


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