Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm Sorry, are you sure you're my husband?

I came home from church a little while ago and what did I walk into?? My house was still a disaster, Nicholas only had on his pajama top (from China which means that it's slowly leaking formaldehyde into his skin) and his diaper, Addison was asleep in her bouncer and my husband was wrapped up, like my 99 year old great grandmother used to be in 100 degree heat, on the couch as if he were dying! My sink was still full of dishes, the toys were still all over the floor and the pack of diapers we purchased yesterday were still sitting at the foot of the steps, just where I had left them because I had too much stuff hanging off my arms as I came in from the car.
But that's not what "bothered" me the most. The TV, of course, was on and truly I was expecting SportsCenter, PTI, something like that to be on the "Big Screen" since Nicholas has been using our mini DVD player to watch Mickey's Halloween. NOPE! Can you possibly guess what my sickly husband was watching?? Even if you've known him as long as I've known him or longer, you will NEVER guess this. Ready for it.....wait for it............
"The Devil Wears Prada".
Ok, take a deep breath once you're done guffawing.....let it out and go ahead laugh a bit more. Because you know what? This wasn't on because he was surfing the channels, this was on because he was WATCHING it! And get this, it wasn't the first time this WEEK he was watching it! Yeah, that's right, this WEEK!! I would have to say in the past 3 months, I've caught him watching least 4 times. He and I watched it together once and after that he was on his own. I didn't care for it much. The book was better! But apparently, my sports loving, action film watching, war video game and Madden playing husband is a big fan of the NY fashion scene! Who knew!?!? I may have to start video taping these Devil sessions because I'm going to need ammunition in the future. I'm also going to need to be able to say, "Oh honey, you don't want to watch this ultra female romantic sappy love story comedy? But it's JUST LIKE "The Devil Wears Prada"." I expect his response to be one of joyous hand clapping and jumping up and the middle of Blockbuster.


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