Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Time

That's's time! It's September's a Thursday night...It's finally arrived! I won't deny it, I'm addicted and I've been waiting all summer for it. I've gone through the range of emotions...anger, sadness, grief, withdrawal, name it, I've had it. But it's here and I'm ready and I'm all atwitter with excitement!
GREY'S ANATOMY is back on tonight and I cannot freaking wait! I think my husband is happy too because now he doesn't have to listen to me debate what is going to happen in the first episode. After tonight, I'll know and I'll be able to concentrate again and focus. I know I sound crazy but, seriously, I've been waiting all summer and re runs just don't help! TiVo is getting worn out from me replaying old episodes and I think even my precious precious TiVo is getting annoyed with me!
So, won't you join me tonight? Park yourself in front of your TV at 9pm and put on ABC and start watching because it's going to be good...I hope! Seriously, it better be good! Like so good that they bring Denny back from the dead good! Never gonna happen, seriously! But wouldn't that be GREAT?!?!?


Chloe said...

gotta give my love to "the office" ... jim!

Patrick, Alison, Nicholas & Addison said...

I have to agree! I think I need another TiVo to record the office and Scrubs!!

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