Sunday, September 2, 2007

Firecrackers?!?!?! It's Labor Day!!!!

Ok, seriously now...I can't take it! People are having their Labor Day bbqs, great...enjoy yourselves! I'm home with the kids, which is fine, EXCEPT all of the morons out there who are setting off their stupid illegal fireworks are scaring the living crap out of Nicholas! I swear to God, I'm at my breaking point! I'm just about ready to get in my car and drive to wherever these wrong time of the year fireworks setters are and take those illegal fireworks and shove them up their "booties"! I've been upstairs more times tonight to tell Nicholas it's ok and get him back into bed than I think I have ALL WEEK!!
Seriously!??!?! IT'S LABOR DAY! WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!?! OHHHH fireworks on Labor Day, what a great freaking idea??!?
I know, I know, I was probably at the parties with fireworks on the wrong holidays just a few years ago but I just can't take it now!!! And I CANNOT TAKE THE SCREAMING FROM MY 2 YEAR OLD!! How this child isn't asleep yet is BEYOND me! He's sick as a dog, he's got a ton of tylenol in him- well not a ton, the "prescribed" amount- and he ate a huge dinner that should've put any normal human to sleep hours ago!! He's been in bed now for over 2 I'm sorry, he's been in his room for over 2 hours! Damned Fireworks! I'm halfway to the phone to call the cops but what do you say, "Well, officer I keep hearing these illegal fireworks going off and my kid can't sleep because he's afraid of them." I can only imagine the response!
I need a drink....and some fireworks...they're so pretty and they drown out the screaming!
Happy Labor Day....enjoy it quietly!


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