Sunday, September 30, 2007

It seemed like a Good idea at the time

Well, it appears I should've blogged yesterday rather than being lazy. But I did really like Dawn's post and I felt it was appropriate for me to put up for a bunch of reasons. Thank you for the emails and comments, I'll never be lazy again! ;)
I have a couple of things that I've been thinking on and I think I'll start at why I was lazy yesterday....
So, our Saturday was pretty busy. We start off each Saturday with Music Together class for the kids and from there the day just unfolds. Yesterday, music class was pretty typical except Addison decided to vomit every 10 minutes...not so much fun when you're not prepared for it! After music class we went on a hunt, for my dad's birthday gift to my mom. Yesterday was my mom's birthday so of course it makes sense that my dad would ask me on Friday to find a gift for my mom from him! (It actually does, knowing my dad!) We ended up not having to go on that hunt for too long, my dad decided to just take my mom to the jewelry store to pick out exactly what she wanted. Now, don't the wrong idea mom was looking for a specific type of necklace that only she knew what it looked like. Thank God he took her because I NEVER would have picked the one she did! Although, it is really pretty...just not what I was thinking of! ANYWAY, after that Pat and I took the kids on our own "hunt". We ran to the mall and then to the florist and then to the drugstore. Completely forgetting that Nicholas was supposed to get a haircut and we were supposed to stop by a friend's garage sale! We also ended up skipping homecoming at my school because the kids just weren't into it, i.e. they were both asleep! Following a catch up session with an old friend of mine at the florist and a stop at the drugstore we headed to my mom and dad's house where Pat got in a few minutes of the sad Notre Dame game and we got ready to go out for dinner.

We went to dinner at a Spanish restaurant that we all LOVE, especially my mom. Quite fitting considering it was her birthday! The kids were really good the whole time we were at dinner, we were on high alert though, just to make sure. After a not so good dirty martini and a few glasses of excellent Sangria followed by an Irish coffee all accompanied by enormous amounts of DELICIOUS food, we headed back to my parents' to open presents and then we went home. We got home, put the kids to bed and I plopped down on the couch, fully ready to fall asleep courtesy of my lack of sleep and my pretty good "buzz". NO SUCH LUCK! Wouldn't you know, the idea strikes me at that moment to get up and start painting the downstairs bathroom?!?! This is not so random, don't worry. We have just started "remodeling" the house, i.e. painting, crown moldings, and the like. But yes, in my state of exhaustion and minor intoxication I decided to paint the bathroom. I have to say, the top half of the wall came out GREAT! We're doing two different colors because we have a chair rail in there and I think it will add some great "dimension". By the time I finished it was 11:30 and I was exhausted but completely satisfied with a job well done. Pat just sort of looked at me like, "what the hell inspired that?" You know what? It seemed like a really good idea at the time...and this morning, I realized it was a good idea because now we're one step closer to being done!

When I was in college, a freshman I think, Sugar Ray came to play our university and of course alcohol accompanied our experience. Following the concert I had, again, what seemed like a good idea at the time. I decided, with my friends and my boyfriend at the time, that I NEEDED to get on the tour bus. Yup, that's right on the Sugar Ray bus. Genius right? I blame it on the Guinness. The story continues on to where I, the "stupid" Caucasian college girl, am trying to convince a giant, but kind and patient,-and when I say giant, I mean TALL and HUGE- African American security guard that his once love for Whitney Houston is just like my love for Sugar Ray and wouldn't he have wanted the security to let him on to her bus when he was in my shoes. HEY, it seemed like a good idea at the time! Who knew that he was going to find me hysterically funny because, according to my friends, once his devotion to Whitney failed to help me I moved on to my last chance- his Axl Rose addiction. I have NO IDEA how I made that connection. Clearly, I did not get on the bus. And actually, that night was the first of a few nights where the whole group of us went down on to the turf and sat in the center and pondered life.

My son came up to me the other day and started talking to me a mile a minute. All I caught from the conversation was something about a broom and cleaning and his last words, "that sounds like a good idea, right mommy?" We must've gone through the same conversation about ten times, all of them ending with, "that sounds like a good idea, right mommy?" Finally, I realized it...having a conversation with my two year old is like having a conversation with a drunk college student or "buzzed" suburban mom to two. 90% of what is being said is completely incoherent and slurred but the content is always the same. They always have the BEST IDEA EVER! Like, getting on a tour bus or painting the bathroom. I finally figure out what my son wanted to do....he wanted to go outside on to the porch and sweep the acorns off. Honestly, it wasn't a bad idea- not unlike the earlier ideas-because it does need to get done BUT it was 8pm at night, pitch black out and pretty chilly. But, for him, it seemed like a good idea at the time because it would have meant avoiding bed! Oh how that will change for him...eventually he'll find every idea out there to get into bed and stay there, asleep!


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