Monday, September 24, 2007

Last, But Not Least

So, my daughter was the last kid at daycare today. Well, no, allow me to clarify daughter was the last kid in her room today. My son was still there as were other kids in other rooms but my newly turned 6 month old daughter was the last baby at daycare today. And, yes, I felt like the worst mommy EVER!
I walked in and saw one of Addison's teachers holding her and then I saw her car seat sitting on one of the toy shelves and that's when I knew- last. I said to her teacher, " Is she the last one here?" in my most sheepish tone. She just kind of smiled at me and nodded her head and then quickly added, "But the baby before her left like 5 minutes ago." Thanks, but nope, doesn't make me feel any better!
It was 5pm, not really late, I've picked up later. But when I walked into that room and saw that she was all by herself I just felt so bad! We grabbed Nicholas and headed home where I was reminded about why Addison was the last baby at daycare. I left work after a meeting this afternoon to run to the hardware store to get paint to paint the bathroom. Then I went to the supermarket where I stocked up on more than 50 containers of baby food and some chicken and veggies in order to prepare a nice meal for my family. (Really, just the husband because Nicholas won't eat anything that isn't pizza, chicken nuggets, or mac n cheese and Addison doesn't eat anything that isn't pureed beyond recognition.) After the supermarket I finally got a real estate agent on the phone to answer my questions about the house we were considering only to find out we were lied to about it's status. Gotta love it! Following that phone call I had another phone call, much better, from my best friend. We were able to catch up after both of us being so busy lately and only exchanging emails! Then it was home to drop off all the groceries and check messages and right back out to the kids' school for pick up.
So, yes, my daughter was the last baby at daycare today. But she'll have a ton of food that should last her maybe 2 weeks since she eats like a truck driver! I was able to pick up the paint that I've been mulling over for weeks now, which means that the bathroom project can finally begin and we're a few steps closer to the selling market. And I didn't have any messages waiting on my machine when I got home. Are all of these things trivial? Maybe to you, and sometimes maybe even to me. I feel a little bit better knowing those few things are done...I don't have to think about baby food and I don't have to drag my kids and my husband to Lowes to get paint that they'll probably have very little opinion on anyway, because it's done.
Am I the worst mom ever because my daughter was at daycare a little later today? Nope....not by a long shot. Her teachers love her and she wasn't waiting in her car seat or laying on the floor all alone, she was being entertained and it didn't look like it hurt too much. Thank goodness because I really need to find Nicholas a Halloween costume this week and God knows I don't want to bring him along and have him end up being Captain Jack Sparrow or even worse, a princess, because he'll end up throwing a fit in the store when I say 'no' to either of those and I'll want to avoid the mass chaos and just buy him one! Ok, so maybe not Mom of the Year this year but I'm a close runner up and I'm ok with that because my kids are happy and loved!


Chris P, Burnsville, MN said...

Don't be hard on yourself. My kids are 13 & 20. My husband had a seasonal job & worked long hours, so the only time I had to get my errands done was the 1 1/2 hours between work & day care closing...much better to leave them where they are having fun than to drag them along & make ALL of us miserable!
Love the blog!

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