Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Had a Vision of My Kid as "That Kid"

So, as I've mentioned a few times, I teach high school. I mainly deal with Sophomores but occasionally I have an upper classperson cross my path. Today was one of those days. We're preparing for a pretty big event on Friday and they used all of my class times to get the kids ready. No big deal! It's a no teaching day for me- always welcomed on the day of Back to School Night! So, we're all gathered together in this room and there are other classes there that share my subject matter, one of which being a senior class. I was looking at this one kid from across the room, mainly because he was misbehaving and just being a totally obnoxious individual and all of a sudden it hit me, this could be Nicholas in 14 or 15 years!! GOOD LORD!
I watched as this kid ignored instruction, goofed off and just plain out was a bother to everyone around him and I couldn't help but have this horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that just screamed out that my child was going to be "that kid".
You know the kid I'm talking about, especially if you're an educator. The kid that all the teachers talk about in the teachers' room. The kid that the administration knows just by his or her walk. The kid that never seems to be without something to say or someone to say it to. That's going to be my kid and I don't know whether to be terrified of that fact or a little happy.
Yeah, "that kid" gets in trouble, but you know what? He's generally friendly, he can be molded into something amazing that can change the world and he's got a pretty good brain in his head and he knows how to use it. (Of course it can be a she too!)
Don't get me wrong, I've had the other kind of "that kid", too. The one who knows the administration for the wrong reasons. And the one whose something to say is never ever nice or appropriate. And the one whose "friends" aren't really friends but rather "customers". I've seen them both and I would never want my children to be that second kid, but if they are then we'll deal with it.
I'm completely fascinated with the idea of what my son, and my daughter, will look like when they grow up. I have no ideas in my head about how they'll turn out. Do I hope they'll be good looking, yeah a little bit. But I also hope they aren't so amazingly beautiful that they rely on nothing but that. I hope my kids are the kids that people want to know and be around because they are good people and not necessarily good looking. I hope my kids are the kids that other kids look up to and that the administration uses as an example of the all around "good kid". I hope my kids turn out to be "those kids" that teachers talk about as being the ones that left such a wonderful mark on the school. It terrifies me, though, that it's mine and Pat's job to make them those kids. What happens if we don't make them those kids? Are we failures? Doubtful. I do worry that no matter what we do our kids will turn out to be the other "that kid" but as long as we do the very best that we can than I can't worry too much! But I do..I mean I can't even hold on to a tweezer how in the world am I ever going to make my kids into good people!??!?


Abbie said...

such a funny story! I felt like I was listening to my mom talk...she's got the funniest stories about "that kid"

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