Friday, August 31, 2007

I Bleed Green, Don't you?

My son has this blanket that he is ATTACHED to at bed time. It's this Eagles blanket that I bought mainly to piss off my husband. He's a Giants fan, I am too but I'm a MUCH BIGGER Eagles fan! So yeah I bought this blanket to annoy him but also for my daughter. My son had all this Yankees paraphernalia which was great, I'm a Yankees fan. But he also had a TON of Giants stuff and yes I bought much of it but still I just couldn't take it anymore! My daughter has tons of Eagles onesies and I'm working on getting a jersey with her name on it. BUT my daughter HATES blankets...hates them...can't stand to have anything even semi constricting. There are days when she can't even stand to have clothing on! Wouldn't you know I go out and buy this great blanket that I'm sure she'll love because she was so active in the womb that I just knew she was in training for her first Giants/Eagles game fight and of course she's anti blankets! My son though has become my little turncoat and I love him in a special competitive way for that! I love that my husband puts him to bed each night and must knowingly cover Nicholas in that great green fleece blanket trimmed with lovely white satin. I love that Nicholas cries for it until Pat finally covers him with it! I love that the Eagles are a presence in my Giants loving husband's life courtesy of our two and a half year old!
How do Pat and I survive in the same house during football season? We both are so passionate about Notre Dame football that it will usually make up for all else!
Notre Dame opens their season tomorrow but more importantly, the Eagles are going to crush the Giants on September 30th and I'm doing my very best to be there and hopefully wearing a McNabb jersey or a green fleece blanket with satin trim!
I bleed green...don't you?


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