Friday, August 31, 2007


I guess I should take this opportunity to introduce myself! Welcome to my world and thanks for stopping by. I can only hope you'll continue to stop by. I hope I can entertain you!
So, let's start at the beginning because when I find random blogs by other people I always want to know where they are coming from.
My name is Alison, I'd tell you more but I don't think you need to know more than my first name right now! I'm 27 years old and there are days I feel like I'm 90. I'm married-been that way for 4 years this past July. For a point of reference for you reality TV buffs, our wedding and the preparations was featured on a show called Buff Brides. My husband was less than thrilled with the prospect on being on national TV but he played along, as did all of my family and friends! The whole show centered on my working out and losing weight before the wedding. I worked with a personal trainer 3 times a week and lost 30 pounds between March and our July wedding. It actually was great, except for the whole being followed by cameras part. My trainer and I had a great rapport, I had visions of us being the new Regis and Kelly- "Rich and Alison in the morning!" Rich yells at you to push it harder while Alison cracks jokes about meatheads right in front of them! The morning show didn't pan out and I'm perfectly ok with that.
My husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby in June of 2004. I guess I should mention, my husband's name is Pat. So yeah, it's 2004 and we're pregnant! Looking back I thought that being pregnant put me in the same class as people who have brittle bone disease coupled with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was convinced that everything I did would ultimately hurt the baby. This included cleaning, cooking, going for long walks, anything you could think of I thought was going to be harmful. My husband and my mother finally convinced me I was nuts. I was not sick...just pregnant! DOH! So, Nicholas came along via induction on February 10th. After pushing for over 2 hours my doctor looked at me said that if the baby was not out by 2:30 am- it was 2:15 at that point- than we were doing an emergency c-section. Uh, NO WE'RE NOT! I pushed like I have never pushed before and lucky for me I had the hemorrhoids to prove it! He was born at 2:20am. I don't know that I had ever worked that hard in my life and I maintained that until our daughter came along! More on that later! Nicholas was perfect...typical...and then we found out he was deaf. The process of discovering his deafness was a gradual one and at points horrible but other points hysterical! Again, more on that another time....
So we had Nicholas, I was working as a high school teacher ready to rip my arms off, Pat was working as a beer salesman and we had just moved into a new townhome in the mountains of NJ. I left my teaching job at the end of 2006 and started dealing with health problems and was working as the assistant director of a pre school, also again ready to rip my arms off when we found out we were unexpectedly expecting our second child. One horrible pregnancy later and 3 radiation treatments we are now living with two children and both working full time, both in school, both working small part time jobs and both ready to rip our arms off! I went back to teaching high school, thank goodness, and Pat's still selling beer but hoping and looking for something better!
So that's our story in a nutshell...a big nutshell. I do have stories about each of my pregnancies that would amaze you. I'll be sure to tell you about the journey of our son from being deaf to hearing and speaking and the days when I sometime still do wish he were unable to speak- just briefly!
So, enjoy- if you'd like and stay tuned...there's more to come!


Cindy said...

I look forward to reading your about your deaf son.


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