Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Been Awhile

I haven't been random in awhile and it feels like it's about time especially since my brain feels like it's shooting off fireworks from all the crap inside my head!
So, let's begin.....

I put a CD in my car's CD player the other day that I haven't listened to in F-O-R-E-V-E-R (for the record whenever I type the word forever that way I can't help but think of that Reese Witherspoon/Mark Whalberg movie where he carves that into his stomach!) ANYWAY, I popped this CD in and I was listening to it and skipping to my favorite songs and singing along and then this song came on :

God, I loved this song! I loved this version! I loved that Clinton used it as his campaign song. Yes, I'm a Clinton fan. Do I approve of what he did with his personal life? Not really, no, not at all. But I think we were in a very different place as a country when he was running it. Anyway, this song always brings my spirits up and makes me feel kind of hopeful! I don't feel overly hopeful about our Presidential prospect. I am not an Obama fan. There, I said it. I voted for HRC and I'd do it again and again. I might even vote for McCain if it comes down to Obama getting the nod. We'll see....wow, this went a long way from Fleetwood Mac to Obama...it's like the worst game of Six Degrees ever. I wonder if I could connect Kevin Bacon to Obama. I did it to Flipper once....Kevin Bacon, that is, not Obama.
Wow, that's upsetting. I am using my new Mac, from work, to type this and I just realized that I don't have my little squiggle/tilde thing to separate my randomness. Or maybe I do and I just can't find it....it is early, I was up late.
I got a Latte Lite at Dunkin Donuts this morning and when I got to work and took off the top to add in some more sweet n low the cup was BARELY half full! What is that about!??!?! I need my Starbucks back, and now.
I am convinced that my students have never ever been told 'No' or 'Stop'. They have no idea what it means when I say "STOP TALKING". They'll know when I go absolutely nuts and they end up re-writing their textbook!
I'm having a creative block. My daughter's birthday party is on Sunday and I have no theme, no colors, no idea about anything. My son's parties have been so easy. The ideas for them came so quickly and easily. My daughter was born on the first day of Spring. I wanted something that went along with that. I thought about flowers. I thought about even doing an Easter theme. I thought about Bugs. I thought about doing a Spring Cleaning theme.....HAH! I'm blocked. And I'm running out of time!
I went to the mall on Sunday and I almost had a nervous breakdown. It was RIDICULOUS! It was worse than Christmas! I don't understand people who go to the mall just to sightsee! It's the MALL! Get in, get what you need, get out! That's it. And don't get in my way. I'm wielding a GIANT double stroller that without children in it weighs 40 pounds, get the hell out of my way or I'll have my kid kick you in the knees. I don't care that you just NEED to stare in the window of each and every store along the way. My kids need Easter outfits and I need to get out of the mall before I go postal and you reap the benefits.
We went to a wedding two weeks ago and the husband and I were seated at the table directly in front of the Bride and Groom's table. I felt kind of honored. It was my cousin's wedding. We used to be close, like brother and sister close. We've drifted. I was really honored to be seated at that table. I think it was arbitrary, though. My cousin's wedding ring was my grandfather's wedding ring. I thought that was quite possibly the most touching thing I've experienced in quite a long time. My cousin took care of my grandfather for a long time when he was sick and dying from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. They were best friends and I thought it was beyond special that my cousin started off his married life with a very large piece of my grandfather.
The Bibles and Bars worked out wonderfully. We got everyone to sing a few hymns and then did a few decades of the Rosary and I now feel better about my chances of getting into Heaven. The booze was good, too! As was the company! We decided next time, though, we're getting the husbands to drive us so we don't have to limit how many spirits we consume because let me tell you, praying is thirsty business!
You know what I can't stand? When people flick their cigarette butts out of their car windows or on the ground. You are aware that that is littering, right? I don't give a crap if you smoke, but jeez, do you have to pollute my world AND your lungs?!?!? And seriously, what if, God forbid, my car had some type of unexpected fuel leak or something and you flicked that half lit butt and it ignited my fuel and then caused my car to blow up. Don't you think that would make for a shitty morning commute?!?!?
My husband's co-worker and new BFF (more on that later. I'm pretty convinced they're moving to Vermont and getting married soon) had to have emergency surgery the other day. I wanted to send him something. He sent the boy stuff while he was in the hospital and even called to check on him. But do you send a guy flowers? Is it inappropriate to send a basket of beer to the hospital? And seriously, is fruit really what you want to see when you're coming out of your drug induced haze???
It's time for my 10 year high school reunion. I'm the class rep. If you graduated with me and you're reading this you may be surprised to know I'm the rep. Or you may be laughing hysterically. Part of me has NO DESIRE to get together with my classmates. There were 35 of us. I went to an all girls private Catholic High School. Can you imagine what it was like? The cattiness factor was OUTRAGEOUS! By the time we graduated we knew every intimate detail of each other's lives....we could've been a Jerry Springer show on our own...without any toothless boyfriends. Steve the bodyguard would have had nothing on the 35 of us! The other part of me is scouting out venues to hold this shindig of epic proportions.
I'm ready for Spring but one more BIG snowstorm would not be refused at this point in time. Maybe say next week....like Monday into Tuesday or Tuesday into Wednesday then we get to miss the last day of school and the faculty reflection day. I'm excited that it's still light out at 7pm. I'm excited that I can go out for walks at the end of my day. I'm excited that the warmer weather is coming. I'm so excited for this that I just tentatively planned our first bbq of the season....I love grilling season! YES!
These random thoughts suck today.
I'm thinking my next post is going to place the responsibility on you, the reader. You'll see....my well is drying up temporarily. Maybe that's where my creativity went....down the drain.
I have a zit on my chin that has it's own zip code. Welcome back puberty! I so missed you with your awkwardness and gross skin!
I am thinking about all the crap I have to do between today and Sunday. It's a lot. I can feel the ulcer brewing. I can't even stand to think about my house and the tornado that has been the past few weeks. GOD! It needs to be demolished and rebuilt SO BADLY! Not really....it's fairly new...but the inside could use a major overhaul. Clean wise definitely....style wise, maybe. The husband should be afraid, very afraid of what is brewing in my head. It will involve work and ladders and possibly even scaffolding. It will involve possible demolition and nail guns and table saws and multiple trips to Lowe's and Home Depot. It will not be done all at once because we've resigned ourselves to the fact that it is POINTLESS to move until we're done with our degrees. I want to go into a PhD program in Philadelphia so why move now when we'll just have to do it all over again in two years. Oh well....in the meantime, we're cleaning house. Anyone want some couches or baby crap...I've got a ton!
I'm done with my randomness....I don't feel like I've cleared my head but whatever....at least it's somewhat out of my brain.


OHmommy said...

I puffy heart your randommness.

Have a BALLOON party for your daughter. That is what we did and SHE loved it.

I got plates from Walmart in different colors. A cheap cake with balloons on it. I got about 30 helium balloons and left them everywhere.

The baby loved looking at them and would not let go of them. It was so incredibly cute for a first birthday and so easy to do. For goody bags I bought everychid those rocket balloons-- have you seen those --- AWESOME. You pump air in this rocket shapped balloon and let it go flying. It was in the dollar section of Target.

A balloon party.

- d. said...

why do i not remember your baby being born the day before mine? (the 21st right?) i remember us texting briefly regarding names wayyyyy before our beebs were born. and then i remember H talking about how you were having your baby a bit early ... but how on earth did I miss that she was born the day before mine?

i have such mommy brain. ugh.

The MomBabe said...

Well, I love random posts because then I feel like I know you that much more.

As far as party ideas, I got nothing. I'm not a fan of birthdays. but if I was, I'd probably head over to party city and just pick something up... but maybe you don't have a party city near?

But I like Ohmommy's idea. Balloons are great.

Stella said...

Oh mommy- I really like your balloon idea. I think I may couple it with flowers....we'll see....lots of color! Thanks! I knew there was a reason I loved you! ;)

-d.- The girl is actually MArch 20th. I totally remember texting and talking about the babies coming. She was about 5.5 weeks....my little preemie who is now a GIANT child!

MomBabe- I definitely feel like I introduce everyone into my craziness when I go random on here!

LunaNik said...

Oh I love your randomness!! It's like your signature blog post or something.


I thing you should make your students re-write their texts!!! Totally! That made me laugh hysterically when I read that!

Oh and the cigarette butt thing...I completely agree. When I was a smoker I ALWAYS used the ashtray in the car. I never flicked butts out the window. I even got my hubby to be more conscience of what he does with his butts.

HRD said...

do you ever work?

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