Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Break

So I took a brief breath yesterday. I drove home with the sunroof open, the music on and my windows down a little bit. I hit Target to get the husband a birthday present, I paid a few bills, I came home and cleaned the walls, the windows, and a mirror, and I even did some more laundry. I felt like I really accomplished a lot. I felt good. I woke up to chaos, I was late, there was traffic, I may have overpaid a bill and screwed the bank account ( cleared that one up), my hair looked like shite, and I felt fat. The rain brought me a bit down. I had a nice talk with my friend K and we're just about ready to get our taxes in. Things are getting done but still I don't know....I think everyone is feeling the same way. It's a time of waiting for change. It's a time of waiting for new life and new beginnings. And I'm ready for them.

On to lighter things....
I don't know about your house but in our house Noggin, Nick Jr., PBSKids, Sprout, Disney- they're all staples. Yes, we allow our children to watch tv. Yes, I have been known, on occasion, to use the TV to my advantage and allow it to be my babysitter and main entertainer for my children. I don't care. I'm careful about what my kids watch, I'm usually watching with them and that is where all of this comes from....
Can we talk about Max and Ruby? Why don't they have parents? Why do they have a grandmother but not parents? Why is Ruby such a bossy B? Why does Max never say anything? Why do they live ALONE? Who pays Ruby's bunny scout dues and then who buys all those darn bunny scout cookies when Ruby doesn't sell to meet her quota? Do Ruby's friends have parents? Isn't anyone concerned that there are no "adults" around?!?!?
Moving on to Little Bear....Why exactly is it ok for Little Bear to walk around with no clothes on but Mother Bear and Father Bear and all the other adult bears get to wear clothes? Is there some right of passage that Little Bear will eventually go through that will get him clothes? Has anyone else noticed that Little Bear has very little educational value?
Little Einstein's is one of the boy's FAVORITES! I love the art and music aspect of it but if you've ever watched closely with a discerning eye there's a lil' bit o'sexism going on! The boys are all about leading the adventures while the girls are all about helping them. Annie takes care of Leo and June is there to dance. Don't get me wrong, it's a good show and I love that my son now knows classical musicians and artists but I think it portrays women in a somewhat subservient role. That's right...I said it...I'm talking about some silly cartoon!
Don't even get me started on the freak show that is the DoodleBops! DEAR GOD THEY SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME! Seriously, they are weird. That's all I have to say about that.
Yo Gabba Gabba....my son won't even watch that...it frightens him.
Handy Manny...well, I have a little crush on him but he's clearly got a thing for Kelly the Hardware Store girl! (That makes no sense, everyone knows a woman shouldn't go near tools! ;) )
The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, playhouse, whatever, and toodles....oh dear lord. My son has the toodles dance down pat. My TiVo is primarily Mickey Mouse Playhouse. He knows the episodes by heart. The songs are catchy in that stay in your head all day make you want to kill someone sort of way. I think it has some redeeming qualities but they're limited.
Johnny and the Sprites....um does anyone else find it odd that this grown man lives with "sprites"? I do.
I haven't even touched on Dora and Diego. They've been around since the beginning of time. Dora and that freaking monkey. Diego and baby jaguar. Can't these kids make real friends?!?!
Oh my god. I need to stop. I'm getting "angry" as I sit here and watch Little Bill and write about all these mind numbing shows.


crazy working mom said...

OMG, you are so cracking me up with this one!!! That was a wonderful post and I second everything you said, but you left out some more freakiness...THE WIGGLES! *LOL*

Kimmylyn said...

What about Boohbah? That may be the strangest show on TV, and that YoGabbaGabba thing is just freaky..

Great Post!!

The MomBabe said...

YES! Max and Ruby annoy the crap out of me. Where ARE the parents? I don't understand. Yo Gabba Gabba is cracktastic wrapped up in spandex.

I do have some shows I love. Wubbzy, being my top pick. And I like Backyardigans, although Uniqua seems to be the star and she's my least favorite. Ooh, and I like Jack's Big Music Show. (yeah, I like the shows that have songs and music and stuff.)

meanwhile, my kids? Are in the backyard calling for "toodles! Toodles!?!?!? Where are you? Toodles, I need some toodles!" it's pretty funny except for when it's driving me bonkers....

wow, that there's a long comment.

Huckdoll said...

I can't handle Max and Ruby or Little Bear. Or Franklin for that matter. We do Dora, Sesame Street, Big Comfy Couch and High Five. Plus the cooking channel! My girls are obsessed with it :) Great post - a lol'er!

OHmommy said...

I never noticed that Little Bear wasn't dressed.

Thanks. i will never be able to watch him the same. LOL :)

LunaNik said...

Here's the thing...I am so used to freaking cartoon and kid's shows that when I finally do have the tv to myself, guess what I watch...


Can you freakin' believe that...


Guess I just have to give in and accept it, eh.

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