Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Come Out Come Out Wherever you Are

First, there has been some speculation as to whether or not I actually work at said teaching job. This speculation has been spoken out loud by a few individuals, mainly in a joking manner, but I'm sure there are many more out there who have not spoken it and think it. Let me put your evil thoughts to rest- I do work. Actually, I work quite a bit. I get into my job, on the majority of days, quite early and I leave somewhat late. Two or three days a week I am here until 5 or 5:30 working a second job separate from teaching. In any given week I have more than 250 papers to grade and at least one or two tests or quizzes to create and give. I am continually doing lesson plans and creating exciting powerpoint presentations on the fascinating world of Church History. Tonight I will be at work until at least 9pm because of meetings and contractual obligations. Tomorrow I will get up and do it all over again. Partially, because I have to. We need food. We need heat. We need electricity. But a lot because I enjoy it. A lot because I like the kids and the connection. A lot because I enjoy sharing my faith, albeit not the history portion of it, with my students.
So, yes I work. But, as many teachers have, I have free periods and I take breaks and I occasionally give my kids busy work. During those times sometimes I will grade papers and do work other times I will blog or work on grad school work or simply go and talk with another teacher/friend. Your speculations are put to evil evil people! ;)

Yay for finding the tilde....again!!

Many of my bloggy companions are asking people for questions to answer. I've decided to follow suit and up the ante. I am looking for a few things from my readers....
First, questions. Anything burning deep down in your soul that you just NEED to know about me or how I think or am in real life....ask away!
Second, I have questions for you.....Why do you read me? Why do you come here to see what I have to say? What brings you back and what would you like to see when you come here?
Third, what does or does not make you comment? I know I'm not garnishing the readers that many of my fellow bloggers are so my comment numbers aren't nearly as high but I do have a few quite faithful and dedicated readers. Why do you, all of you not just the faithful, not comment or sometimes comment or always comment?

So, come out wherever you lurkers, you secret readers, you people that I know are there but keep your fingers to yourselves..come on out and share with us...introduce yourselves and ask your questions. Keep them pretty clean but know that you can ask me anything.

I must now return to work because my class has been waiting out in the hall for 20 minutes so that I could finish blogging........


Momo Fali said...

Well, I come back because you entertain me, and I comment to let you know I was entertained.

Also, apparently I subconsciously want to sing John Denver songs to myself all day, because I inevitably get Country Roads stuck in my head whever I visit.

The MomBabe said...

Ummm, I don't know. I just like you. Don't know why, just do.

as far as questions go, hmmmm, who's your favorite child. And yes, you must pick one. I'm evil like that. ;)

Dana said...

You are definitely not the best writer, but I visit many blogs because I sit at my desk all day and have nothing better to do.

Stella said...

Momo- How could you not love Country Roads!??! I'm glad I entertain you...and I'm glad you come back!

Mombabe- That is quite the evil question.
I like you too...thanks for stopping by.

dana- thanks so much for your honesty. I appreciate your "constructive" criticism and enthusiasm.

Kelly said...

I read you because you are real and smart and someone I consider a friend. I like how you view the world and I look forward to hearing about your days. I think you and I are a lot alike. Awesome and Hot!! :)

OHmommy said...

I was writing my post for tonight and looked back at previous post and there you were.... commenting on my silly blog everytime, early on.

We have made some kind of connection. I come back for more. I need more. Is this silly? :)

As for questions.... What makes YOU smile, laugh, giggle out loud?

The Sports Mama said...

Hmmm.... I keep coming back to see if I'm ever going to land on your blogroll..... ;)

Aside from that, you just come across as "real", and not just someone doing a blog to get readers. You're sincere, and that matters.

So there. Can I get a spot on that blogroll yet? :)

Kelley said...

OK, firstly someone actually accused you of lying about working? Weird!

Now for the comment thing. Only about 10% of readers comment, some are busy, some shy, some think that what they say is not worthwhile. Doesn't matter how much you beg and plead they will not change their ways. Even on those delurk days!

I comment 90% of the time. I come here because I am interested in what you say, and to be brutally honest, because you commented on mine! I love all of my readers and visit all of their blogs as much as possible.

Now question... um... how many pairs of shoes do you own? LMAO

LunaNik said...

I first visited because you are a fellow Jersey blogger. And now I visit because you are my FRIEND and reading your blog is akin to talking on the phone...kinda sorta. You're a sweet, smart, funny gal and I wish you lived next door to me. But you don't. You live waaaaaay up there (pointing north).

Now...a question...hmmmm, I hate this because my mind ALWAYS goes blank...but here's a few basic, getting to know you questions:

What's your earliest childhood memory?

If you could live anywhere in the world (money is not an issue), where would you choose to go?

When baby #3 comes along some day, what will you name him/her?

Tell us about one majorly embarrassing moment.

Huckdoll said...

Because you breathed the same air as him....


I've always loved this blog, it's always been a favorite to me because it's such an in-depth look into your life and feelings. Plus, you were one of the first blogs I read and out of all of the bloggers who read me and I read them, there's this circle of girls who feel more like sisters than just blog friends...and you, my friend, are in that circle.

I hope even though it takes me forever to get here and comment that you know it's because I'm trying to balance everything. I feel this twinge of guilt when I haven't come around (like recently) and there's four unread posts. I read them in my reader as soon as they come up, but I always need to find that moment to come and absorb it and comment on it.

Hope this helps <3

HRH said...

Hi, I'm here for the first time. I saw your comment about blogging at Playgroups.

I think it is funny that someone accused you of faux job? wha?

Dingo said...

I think hrh and I took the same route to your blog. I'll be back. I'm a teacher and grad student as well but my kids are of the four-legged variety.

Question for you: Smooth or chunky peanut butter? White or wheat?

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