Sunday, March 30, 2008

Animal Magnetism

Have you seen this movie?

If you haven't, I suggest you rent it. If you have then you know all about Carl's struggle with the gopher. That gopher is his nemesis.

Meet mine:
That's a groundhog. I hate that groundhog. I thought it was dead. I thought it was gone. Clearly, it's not. From when we moved into this house I would wake up, look out the window and there would be the groundhog staring at me through my bedroom window. I would be making dinner and look out the back window to see what the weather was like and there was that groundhog staring at me. I would sit on the couch and watch tv and there would be the groundhog staring at me through the sliding glass doors. I would drive to work and there would be the groundhog on the side of the road. I would go an visit friends in the area and there would be the groundhog in their backyard. It was EVERYWHERE. Then one day, I thought I hit it with my car- completely accidentally. Seriously, I may hate the thing but I would never ever harm an animal. (Unless it was harming me or my children) I thought it was gone and dead and I felt bad. I felt bad that I had possibly killed another of God's creatures. But I was little happy that it was gone. I didn't have to see it anymore.

I was sitting on my couch doing work this week when I saw something moving in the backyard. There was the groundhog. That damned groundhog was back! I hate that groundhog. I've tried to think about the groundhog in a positive sense. Maybe it's God. Maybe the groundhog is watching over me. I haven't seen him in close to a year so maybe he's back to bring me good luck. Or maybe he's back to annoy the shit out of me. I can't stand that groundhog!


Anonymous said...

What? Groundhogs are so cute!! How could he possibly be a nuisance? lol (Please note that I only say this because the only groundhogs we have around here are at the zoo!!)

Good luck!

Kelley said...

So he made it then? Just a little gift. Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaaa!!!

(seriously I have never seen one in my life, even at the zoo!)

Momo Fali said...

You need a dog. A big one. Want mine?

OHmommy said...

LOL... I too can't stand the creatures and my kids name them. We have a bunch around here too. :)

Kelly said...

Your post reminds me of CaddyShack. I picture you, a female and much hotter, version of billy murrary, trying to blow up the gopher in your yard.
Let's hope he's watching over you and not just set on digging up your yard.

LunaNik said...

Send him my way. Me and the kiddos will love him!! I'd even leave him treats on my back steps so he'd have a snack when he's hungry. I'll take good care of him. Promise =)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh cool. I have never seen a groundhog.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I have seen that movie...Big Daddy knows it word for word. It was funny the first time he started repeating it, but after 6 years, I don't laugh so much.

By the way, I saved a mole from drowning in my decorative pond later tore up my yard...bastard!

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