Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This is Why I don't Take Advil

As mentioned before, I'm sick. I think it's a cold but it could be the non-puking flu. To be quite honest, I would have rather had the puking flu, at least then some poundage could be shed! With this though, I feel like crap. I'm at work after having left early yesterday. I don't like to use my sick days for me, I try to save them for my kids and when they're sick. So I'm here. It sucks but it's maybe almost done.

I came in this morning and I immediately went to my own personal pharmacy, my friend K. She always has tylenol or ibuprofen or a cough drop. She's great! I was counting on her to have some cold medicine buried in her bag from her cold a few weeks ago. She did! It was between Claritin and Advil. I NEVER EVER take Advil. The "candy" coating makes me sick, like violently puking sick. BUT this was Cold and Sinus Advil, it had to be different. She said it works great. OK, I'm sold. Bring on the Advil cold and sinus. What a mistake!??!?! I felt ok about an hour after taking the pill. Then the sleepiness and dizziness set in. Don't get me wrong, I would normally embrace those two things when at home or accompanied by wine but in the middle of class, not a good thing! I went to get up for lunch and it was like I had done shots all day. CRAZY! My legs are so heavy that lifting them is out of the question. Sleep is the only thing on my mind. Doubtful that the opportunity will come any time soon....I had been considering taking the kids to the mall for pictures with Santa tonight. We'll see about that. Definitely no more Advil! Bad bad bad medicine! This is why I stay away from that stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm the opposite. Advil Cold and Flu Plus is the ONLY thing that gives me any relief when I'm sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Huckdoll said...

Oohh, must get what you're having!

Kidding. I actually have a hard time taking any pills and resort to Tylenol in worst case scenarios only.

I've tagged you into a ridiculously HTML intensive meme. No pressure :)

jennifer said...

I'm the opposite! Funny how different meds work on different people!

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch

OHmommy said...

Advil... bad. Hope you feel better soon. :)

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