Friday, December 7, 2007

'Lil Bit o Random

Well, yesterday was a downer! I was feeling quite negative about the whole situation, which I try not to do too often, but it caught up with me. "Worst" part is, I never made it to see my doctor so I have no news! Which I'll take as good news for now! ;) The kids are both sick! The boy has an almost double ear infection coupled with inflamed tonsils. Poor kid can't swallow anything...I feel so bad for him! He slept with us last night because he would wake up with a coughing spell and be in pain and it was just easier to have him right there so we could roll over and comfort him. In a way, it was nice having him there in bed with us. (Although I do hate to share my bed with anyone-even the husband! ;) ) The peanut has a double ear infection! I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS! She just came off antibiotics about a week and a half ago for her first ear infection- nothing too major. And now we're into a double. Maybe the first one never went away- who knows?! Doesn't matter. The kid didn't even give an ounce of indication that she was in any type of pain or discomfort and she's been eating more than her usual truck driver sized fare! As my mom put it the "Henry the VIIIth" look came over her face last night around 7 when she'd topped off her day with a load of vanilla ice cream. Seriously, the kid is a bottomless pit! It's wonderful considering where she came from but at the same time HYSTERICAL!

So, yes, both kids are sick- sick as dogs! I feel really bad for them because it's clear- at least for the boy- that he's so uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure if I handed the peanut a giant roast turkey leg she'd be happy as a pig in slop and forget all about her ear infections!! I was supposed to head to my doctor and my mom was going to take the kids into the pediatrician because the peanut needed to catch up on vaccines. WELL, both kids were miserable throughout Wednesday night and Thursday during the day so I called the pediatrician and brought them in for a sick visit. And WHAM! Both down for the count! They're both on some stronger antibiotics and hopefully that will knock all of the infections right out of their tiny little bodies!

I need to send out a shout/song of praise and thanks for the readers on here. This started as a nothing...a little something that a few of my friends and family told me I should do. They would sit and listen to me talk about what was going on with things in our life and inevitably we'd end up laughing hysterically. They thought I should share it with people and put out there. So, I did! I had no idea I'd be making friends all over the country and even all over the world. You guys who leave comments, and even the ones who don't who just keep coming back to read, are great! Thank you for your support and readership and friendship even though we don't know each other all that well. Keep the comments coming- I love hearing your thoughts and ideas and those of you who are lurkers, feel free to keep lurking and comment any time you'd like!

I like to get the kids' scripts filled at Target. Their pharmacy is really on top of things in terms of what meds you're taking and how they'll interact. They make sure that everything is clearly labeled and that if you're getting two of the same medicine for two different people- as I did yesterday- those medicines are clearly distinguishable. It's a great system and the pharmacists are always so nice and helpful- regardless of which store I've been to! So, while waiting for the antibiotics to finish being filled, I wandered. As any good shopper would do and as any mom or parent might do in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I used to love Christmas shopping. I love finding the perfect gift for someone based on what I know about them. I love hunting for it and getting a great deal on it. Or at least I used to. The stores are overcrowded, understaffed and poorly supplied. Target, unfortunately, was no exception yesterday. First off, it was a Thursday evening! COME ON!! Save your shopping for the weekends, when I'm not out! ;) There were people everywhere and it's like there is no one else in the world but them and their mission. I literally had one lady stand in the middle of an aisle, right in front of my cart, stop use her cell phone and then proceed to carry on a long conversation about being in the Target and trying to find something. She finally came out of her haze when my hacking got too loud for her to hear what the other person was saying!

I decided to seize the opportunity of being in Target to pick up some Christmas items for the kids. I was determined to stay away from clothing and decorations and only focus on toys. I did! YES! I've been doing a lot of shopping online. It's easy. It avoids crowds. It's worth the shipping- usually. But it's hard because I had very few things in mind specifically this year. I really hadn't thought about what exactly I wanted to get the kids so I wanted to be able to see the toys in person. My pharmacy run to Target allowed for that. I started perusing the toy aisles and I found one or two things I thought the boy might like. Not expensive, so I grabbed them. Then I found this whole playset that teaches the kids all about animals and the names and sounds of the animals. I thought it would be GREAT for both of the kids. Then I remembered a few months ago and the Thomas and Diego fiascoes. I started picking up toys to see where they were made. EVERYTHING was made in China! Yes, I know, not everything is unsafe from China but how am I supposed to know what is and what isn't? How am I supposed to in good conscience trust these toy manufacturers who have provided us numerous times with leaded toys? How am I supposed to buy items that could very well be recalled a few weeks or months from now? How do I know that companies like Mattel or Fisher Price or any of the other large toy companies- or small ones for that matter- aren't keeping from consumers, until after the holidays, that their toys are full of lead? And what am I supposed to get my kids for Christmas? I've found a few toys made in the USA that I think the boy will like. It's harder for the peanut. She needs those sorting and stacking and walking and pushing toys. The ones that Fisher Price is so good with! But seriously, I'm too afraid to buy them.

I saw parents putting toys into their carts that I had otherwise rejected. I wasn't sure how to deal with my dilemma. The toys I bought, I didn't check the made ins on- I just bought them. What are other parents doing? I don't have a problem with wooden toys, except that most of them are painted and I worry about the paint. The boy is really past the stage of putting things into his mouth- except lately he's been chewing on his toy llama, odd but true! The peanut puts EVERYTHING in her mouth! The other day I caught her eating a leaf! I would almost rather have her eat the leaf than put a potentially lead laden toy in her mouth- at the least the leaf is roughage! I'm curious to hear how other parents are handling this. Or are you not worried? Part of me wants to say just screw it and buy the kids what I want and not worry about it. We can't live our lives in fear of possible lead. But at the same time, the risks are a lot greater than I think we realize.

I had thought of all of these completely random things that I wanted to put on here on my way into work this morning and now I remember NOTHING! I think it has to do with my lack of sleep. Hopefully, my energy level will perk up- I did just finish my triple venti white chocolate mocha so the caffeine should start coursing through my veins any minute now! I am excited for the weekend! I have a ton to do- bake cookies, clean the house, get the rest of my Christmas cards out- we ran out of wallet pictures of the kids. Lots to do but lots of people to see so that should be fun!

Did anyone see Grey's last night? I don't know whether or not I'm disappointed with it. I am "concerned" that we're entering re runs already next week because of the writers' strike. But I wonder how good the new episodes might be. I feel like it's moving away from the relationship pieces and becoming a medical show. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be watching- Patrick Dempsey commands my TiVo every Thursday night- but I would rather it be about the people than the medicine. ER is for the medicine and my TiVo is overloaded with that! I can't say I'm bored just slightly disappointed but I'll keep tuning in because I have faith in Shonda Rhimes and her abilities. It's got to get better! If not I could always suck on my kids' toys and absorb some lead and hallucinate through the bad parts!


OHmommy said...

Wow... so random. I love it.

We are not doing any toys this year. I know, I am a terrible mother. I grew up in Poland and had virtually no toys and I turned out fine.

The kids are getting lots of awesome books, computer games, a golf set, a karaoke machine, the baby is getting some diapers. All shopping done online.

Girl said...

I love Target... and I hope everyone's ok :)

Anonymous said...

We are not getting any toys for Tommy. Instead we are going to let him play with the rocks and sticks and leaves that he can find in the backyard, that is the only way to ensure that he won't be getting any lead! Actaully, I don't know what to do either. Unfortunately you can't avoid it so, why live in fear?

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