Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dear Mother Nature-

Thank you very much for this morning's snow. I love it. It is beautiful. The boy loved it. We played in it this morning and he made his very first snow angel, ever. He learned how to make snowballs and he was catching snowflakes on his tongue. Your present of snow provided us with wonderful memories, thank you.

Mother Nature, can we discuss timing? I'm a teacher, Mother Nature. I love snow, when it is strategically placed. Actually, no, I love it all the time, but I love it even more when it falls on the "right" day. It was lovely to wake up to softly falling snow this Sunday morning. It provided me with an excellent excuse to take it slow and relax as much as I could. Tomorrow morning, it would be wonderful to wake up to a new layer of snow or even better a thick thick layer of ICE. You see Mother Nature, I need ice or snow or something that makes it difficult for buses to travel. You sent beautiful snow on a Sunday morning, thank you. Tomorrow morning it would have been 10,000 times more beautiful to me and every other teacher in northern NJ.

Thank you for today's snow. My white Christmas lights look lovely covered in snow and glistening through the white powder. My children love playing in the snow and it is always a new discovery when it arrives. If I may be so bold, please send us something else tonight. Something to stall or even better cancel tomorrow. Us teachers have been back to school for a week after Thanksgiving and our students are like rabid caged animals. This time between Turkey Day and Christmas is like punishment for a teacher. The kids are OFF THE WALL! Any break you can give us is beyond appreciated! Ice, snow, anything. Thank you, Mother Nature and feel free to send snow anytime and always on a weekday!


Desperately Seeking Snowday


LunaNik said...

desperately seeking snowday hehehe! that was good!

i have to admit, even a snow hater like myself enjoyed the snow today. it was only a dusting where i am, but i bundled up the kiddos and took them outside to enjoy it anyway.

they LOVED it which made even shoveling and cleaning off the car less of a chore.

seeing their shining, smiling faces and red noses gave me so much joy that i might not even complain if we get more...

OHmommy said...

Heeheee.... Teachers LOVE snow days. I waw a teacher and TOTALLY understand 100% You need say no more.

OHmommy said...

I meant to say ....

I was a teacher.

What an awesome teacher I was... can't even check my own spelling.

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