Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Day

Well, I got my wish. After a delayed opening last week, we got a snow day today. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely grateful but boy oh boy I am ready for 8pm to come RIGHT NOW! For some reason I never factored in the fact that my two kids would also have a snow day and be home with me. Nor did I factor in that the husband would not have a snow day and would not be home with me.

I love having the day off. I sort of wish I could get out of the house but I still love having the day off. But to be quite frank, I am going freaking CRAZY! The husband left at 7 this morning and will not be home before 11 tonight courtesy of his long day at work. (He's working late tomorrow too just so he can get out early on Saturday.) The kids have been just as stir crazy as me and I just need a break right now. The boy has been ALL OVER THE PLACE all day. The girl has not stopped whining for the duration of her awake time. Plus, the boy decided to share and gave her a wheat thin. Very generous of him except she's not even 9 months old and has maybe 3 teeth. Can I tell you how many times I've had to do that finger sweep on my daughter in the past weeks because my 2.5 year old wants to be nice and share? At least 5! And just about every time it's a friggin' wheat thin!?!?!

It finally became too much. I am tired. I slept maybe 3 hours last night courtesy of a ton of tossing and turning and coughing and sneezing. I've been up since 5 and I'm just tired and frustrated and I can't take anyone's whining anymore. About 2 hours ago I took both kids upstairs. Put the boy in his room behind locked gate and told him to play- he did- THANK GOD. I took the girl and put her in her crib with her bink and told her to sleep- she didn't. I then went into the bathroom and shut out the world. I finally dyed my hair, which I've been trying to get to since before the accident. I finally shaved my legs, which I've been trying to get to since- well, we won't go over that. I finally used my menthol shower soother that helps to break up the congestion. I took a nice long shower and "pampered" myself slightly. I hoped that when I emerged from my mentholated pampering shower that both of my kids would be out cold asleep. No. Such. Luck. The boy was playing nicely- GREAT! The girl- screaming like someone was strangling her frog chair right in front of her. I ignored it. I know that sounds terrible but I had to. I was having flashbacks to those first weeks after she was born. Those unending afternoons where both kids were overly demanding and she just wouldn't stop crying. Those afternoons that made me question why we ever decided to have kids. I needed to escape for a little bit. And I did. I lathered myself in moisturizer, got dressed, dried my hair and brought the boy downstairs. I was still hoping the girl would fall asleep. No. Such. Luck. Finally, I went back up and got her. She wasn't happy- I could hear and see that. I wasn't either.

The kids are a bit better now. I took control of the TV. Noggin is gone. I couldn't take anymore Backyardigans or Lazy Town. I put on Sandra Lee and realized she was just as bad as Lazy Town. On to Oprah and finally the news. The boy never napped so he's in rare form and the girl just finished dinner. (I've been taking breaks while writing this) I really need them to go to bed. I really need to not be home alone again tomorrow night but that's not going to happen. I really need to not be mommy for a day. Is that terrible? Maybe but right now it's how I feel. I love my children. I would give my life for them in less than a heartbeat. But right now they are driving me INSANE!

Putting all of that aside. I was happy for today's snowday. Seriously. I think everyone at school needed a break, the kids, the teachers, the administrators. Everyone. We all needed a break. It was worth it. Next time, though, I'm going to be more prepared to entertain my kids and I'm going to make sure I either spend the day at grandma and grandpa's or the kids do! ;)


Huckdoll said...

Wow, some days are just the pits, huh?

It's hilarious saying you didn't expect the kiddos to have a day off also, too funny!

But, you're not alone. I've had MANY days where I just let the girls cry in their cribs and shut out the world for a few moments.

Everyone I know and read is sick! Hope you're feeling better soon :)

OHmommy said...

See my snow day wish worked. I am good!

I need to shave tonight too.

I did the finger sweep on my 9 month old 6 times today - one time it was peanut butter and jelly leftovers.

Yes, I am good!

Stella said...

Thank God I'm in such good mommy company!!

The worst part about doing the finger sweep is that she cries because I'm taking the food away from her, not because she's choking!!

Don Mills Diva said...

Sorry you had such a tough day. It's sometimes sucks that when you're a mom there are no days off.

lattemommy said...

I feel your pain, Stella. There are too many days where I find myself counting the hours till the kids go to bed for the night. I hate that, because I chose to be a stay-at-home mommy, and it makes me feel like a failure when I think that way. However, we're all human, and there's only so much we can take. As they say, no child has ever died from crying in their crib...

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