Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bruised and Battered at the Best Buy

Dear Fellow Best Buy Consumer,

Since I have been in such a letter writing mood lately, I think I'll write you one as well. Let me tell you how my evening went so you can better understand why I found your action so atrociously improper and uncalled for.

Since this Christmas season has begun the bane of my existence has been this:

I had considered ordering it online but the shipping cost almost as much as the stupid toy, itself. I searched and searched for this toy. I searched Wal-Mart. I searched Target. I searched Kay-Bee. I searched Toys R Us. I even searched the supermarket on the off chance that they decided to make it a one stop shopping type of place. No. Such. Luck. Finally, the other night (not last night when our paths crossed) the husband and I found ONE at a Toys R Us near us. There it was, the promised land- I mean toy. But the box was opened. To buy or not to buy? Do we purchase the item that could clearly be missing pieces? Do we take the last one on the shelf and just go with the flow and hope it's all together? We scanned the shelves all around it did not find anymore. And just as I was about to take that mangled box and put all of my faith in the fact that I knew our Christmas would be great and the pieces would all be there, the couple who had been "watching" us took the box in the moment that we had our back turned. I overheard the underfed mom say, "Just take it before someone else does. Who cares if all the pieces are missing? We'll bring it back." Good call, lady. I can imagine your Christmas morning, "Well, sweetie we got you this basketball hoop but there was no actual hoop in the box so we'll just bring it back. Here are the other pieces if you'd like to play with them." The husband and I exchanged looks and then as is my bitchy practice, I exchanged looks with the guilty underfed mom. She knew what she had done, she didn't care. We left. Without the hoop.

Last night I dropped my kids off at their grandparents and I set off on my merry way to find the toy. I had called yet another Toys R Us and they claimed to have 59 of these precious precious toys. Oh, if that was true my life would be complete- for the time being. I arrived at the overcrowded store and proceeded directly to the Sports section. I did not care who I had to take down, I was getting that hoop even if there was only one left and someone had stepped on it and ripped the net in half- it was mine! No need to do any pushing. There were AMPLE hoops. YES! Victory is MINE! The hoop went into the cart along with a few other items and it was up to the register to pay. I waited in line for a good 15 or 20 minutes because the gentleman in front of me was tax exempt and then decided he didn't want his overpriced batteries. I kept my calm- I had my basketball hoop. I kept my cool. I was not allowing the Christmas crazy to overtake my mood and my happiness in securing this toy that I had been searching for. I even kept my calm when the couple behind me went to the newly opened register instead of allowing me, the next customer in line, to head over there. I had my basketball hoop. I made idle chit chat with the overworked, underpaid teenager who had the boring task of ringing up thousands of toys at this time of year. I felt bad for him. I paid for my items and moved on my Merry way. I walked out of Toys R Us with a smile on my face- not always an easy thing to do at this time of year.

My next stop was the closest Best Buy. I was in search of digital picture keychains. I had seen them at Brookstone the other night and they are fairly inexpensive and I had a couple of people in mind who would really enjoy them. My closest Best Buy was out of them. Oh well! I still had another Best Buy that I could stop at on my way home. On my Merry way I went! I arrived at the fateful Best Buy. After having a parking spot taken away from me, I found another that I felt more comfortable with anyway and made my way into the chaos that it is Best Buy at the holidays. I proceeded directly to the digital camera section, past the many signs that read "WE ARE OUT OF THE Wii" and past the throngs of people surrounding the endless DVD collections. I immediately found someone to help me- SHOCKING- and asked her about the digital picture key chains. They were at the front of the store near the cash registers. On my Merry way I went! I searched through batteries and Hannah Montana and High School Musical all to no avail. It appeared that this Best Buy was also out of them! Oh well! Back to Brookstone I guess it was. I decided to ask one more person, just in case. I asked a very nice man if he could tell me if there were any other key chains. He searched all of the same places I had just searched, again to no avail. Then he went to check in the back! YES! I love the back! I always have luck with the back! There is always extra for me! YES! In the meantime I grabbed a couple of DVDs for the boy and the husband and then spotted my savior- carrying two key chains. YES YES YES!! My evening shopping excursion was worth it! YES! And they were cheaper than Brookstone. I thanked him profusely and went on my Merry way to get into line. Here is where you come into play my fellow Best Buy consumer.

I waited patiently in the fast moving line. I was next to be called. I was not paying full attention, I fully admit that. I was watching the little boy marveling at his new DVD and sharing excitedly with one of the cashiers. I never heard the young man call me ONCE to his register. You, obviously, heard him call me. He only called me ONCE. What did you do? You took your two fingers and JABBED me in the back/side. YES, you JABBED me. You did not gently tap me on the arm or step to my side and verbally let me know, you JABBED me- hard- in my back to push me forward. Then you said, "Uh, he called you" riddled with attitude and non Christmas spirit. Your JAB deflated me. I could no longer go on my Merry way. You took my good mood and jabbed it right out of me. But that's not what bothered me most about last night. You want to know what bothered me most? You TOUCHED me! I am a stranger. You do not know me. We have NEVER EVER met before and you TOUCHED me. You took your bony fingers and jabbed them into my ribs and it hurt and it was unnecessary. What exactly made you think you could do that? What exactly gave you the idea that you were allowed to invade my personal body space and TOUCH me? And to do it in what I consider a somewhat violent way...It's Christmas try being a little bit more patient and kind. I understand the holidays are stressful- believe me, I get it. But DON'T EVER TOUCH ANYONE AGAIN! I paid for my items, thanked the young man who rang me up and left- not in a Merry fashion.

I awoke this morning and got in my car and looked in the rear view mirror and saw my basketball hoop that I had secured for my son's Christmas and I went on my Merry way to work. I thought very little of you and your complete social faux pas. Fellow Best Buy consumer, you were a jerk last night and I allowed you to momentarily deflate my Christmas spirit. That won't happen again. As long as you keep your hands to yourself.


Bruised and Battered at the Best Buy


Imstell said...

Brava! Doncha just wish you could put it on their windshield or something? Also, so glad your shopping trip was otherwise successful.

The Sports Mama said...

In instances such as this, I've found one of the best things to do is to emulate my youngest son, who has sensory issues.

I dramatically clutch myself at the injury point, turn at look at the offender, and say as loudly as I can: YOU JUST POKED ME!! HARD!! GEEZ, LADY/DUDE, THAT WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!!

And on and on until their face is as red as the newly-forming bruise they have kindly left me as a gift.

Might not affect them immediately, but they will definitely think twice before poking someone in the future! :)

Cecily R said...

Okay, the whole thing was fabulous, but the underfed mom line was hysterical!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love new bloggy friends!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

OMG! Are you serious?! What a jerk! I'm glad this anal-wart of a man didn't keep you deflated for long.

crazy working mom said...


So sad that people can be so inconsiderate at such a joyous time.

Tsk tsk to that mean person and merry Christmas to you. :)

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