Friday, December 28, 2007

My Non New Year's Resolution

I hate New Year's Resolutions. I never keep them. I actually very rarely make them. Why bother? I just don't see the point. I can start off the New Year and say, "I'm going to do 1000 sit ups everyday and have rock hard abs by the time my birthday rolls around at the end of January." It won't happen. I'll do the first day, maybe the second, then I'll wake up on the third puke my brains out because no one should do 1000 sit ups a day and I'll say screw it and that will be the end of my resolution.

I can start off the New Year and say, "I'm never going to use another curse word because they make me sound unintelligent." Then I'll turn on the news or open a newspaper and see something that some politician or famous person has done and say, "What kind of stupid shit are they thinking of?!?!?" And my resolution is done.

I can start off the New Year and say, "I'm not going to raise my voice to my kids or my students. I will keep calm and collected and rationally talk to them so that we can be equals and respect one another." Then one of my students will answer every single question on an open book test with their own name and I'll explode. I'll get home and the boy will have taken his yogurt and made a Picasso-esque piece of art on the couch and I'll lose it. And my resolution is gone.

So, this year, no New Year's Resolution. Nothing formal. Nothing saying I will lose 900 pounds by St. Patrick's Day. Nothing saying I will run 4 miles every other day. Nothing saying I will clean my toilets every day of the week beginning with a T. None of it. But I am saying that I'm starting over. I was on Weight Watchers a few months back and then the car accident happened and I lost all my will and desire to do anything. I decided on or around Christmas that I am unsatisfied with myself and my weight. I'm changing that. Slowly. I'm starting with exercise. Yesterday was Tae-Bo, the day before was Turbo Jam, today was manual labor- partially- at the Habitat site. (I'm contemplating going upstairs to do some Tae-Bo, now.) Tomorrow, we're off to get me some new kicks. It's pregnancy made my already large feet even larger! I used to be a 9.5/10 in womens' shoes. I am now around an 11. It SUCKS! I'm hoping to comfortably squeeze into a nice pair of size 10.5 running shoes tomorrow. We. Shall. See. Maybe if I really do lose some weight than my feet will shrink, too! HAH!

The exercise is first. After the first of the year comes the food. I'm going back to Weight Watchers. It's the only thing, other than extreme stress and not eating, that has ever worked for me. There's a center right by work. It's perfect. I've even almost convinced K to come along. I considered using Alli to help me out and then my doctor and I had a frank discussion about it and he asked me if I really wanted to spend $65 a month on a pill that really just gave me yucky farts and diarrhea when I ate too much fat. Why not just avoid the fat?? Good call, Doc! I knew I had you for a reason!

There you have it, my non New Year's Resolution. Care to join me? I'm trying to rope the husband into Tae-Bo with me. He thinks it's pretty funny that I can only do the arm exercises with my right arm. We'll see what he has to say when I can roundhouse kick his ass from here to the other edge of the world. So, yes, I'm going to lose weight, get in shape, be satisfied with myself, really work at it and do it well because I want to, not because it's my resolution or non resolution. Come along for the ride.....

Oh, and my resolution is to take more pictures of the kids and I together....let's see how long that lasts, I hate resolutions!


OHmommy said...

Absolutely, I am on board. I was thinking about it earlier too and I agree with you. Breaking my resolutions just adds to my stress.

Thanks! Great post!

Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds like you have the right attitude about your goals - good luck!

Kelly said...

And here I was thinking I had the only knuckle-head who answered thew whole friggin test with only his name.
I'm with ya on this resolution thing. Easy does it this year.

Oh and btw, Ordinary Art just got hella cooler with you chillin on the blogroll.

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