Monday, February 25, 2008

Things I've Learned

This is just a sampling of things I have learned over the past few weeks

I've Learned....

...that no matter how much you know that your child will be ok and will get out of the hospital, it does not make the time there any easier or faster

...that the night nurses are 1000x more on top of things and helpful and all around wonderful than the day nurses (at least in our particular case and our day nurses were pretty darn good!) to operate and program an IV pump

...that reactive airway disease is just another name, to scare you, for asthma to operate a pulse/ox monitor and hook up the necessary wiring

...that there are parents who have no problem leaving their children alone in the hospital

...that holding down a three year old and attempting to bribe them with toys will NOT make them more willing to take their medicine

...that my family and close friends are beyond dedicated and loyal to me and my family and really are there no matter what

...that my son has the attitude of a teenager and the ability to ignore just about every medical professional around

...that a sure fire way to encourage someone to poop to stick a suppository in their tush

...that getting a three year to lie on their stomach for three minutes is not a fun task, especially when you are attempting to hold their butt cheeks together to "deal" with my child getting repeatedly poked and prodded to obtain vital signs

...that the best time to give a breathing treatment to an obstinate 3 year old is at 2 in the morning when he fast asleep

...that having my son's tonsils and adenoids removed was probably the best thing we ever did for him and his breathing

...that there are some people who will just never ever be there when needed

...that there are an immense amount of highly intelligent and well trained female medical professionals working at Goryeb Children's Hospital and my son managed to ignore them all

...that repeatedly watching Dora and Thomas will give you nightmares

...that sleeping on a bench with a 2 inch cushion is an excellent way to begin a back problem

...that sometimes just because you work for a "compassionate company" does not mean that they will actually show you compassion

...that being away from one of your children for 4 days does not make them forget you it just makes you and them that much happier to see each other

...that text messaging is one of the greatest inventions known to humans- EVER

...that my body does not always love Au Bon Pain- especially not for every meal

...that my mom thinks Hot Doctor looks like an albino and my husband hates that I call him Hot Doctor

...that Hot Doctor and I are the same astrological sign so we could never be together- that's not the only reason we couldn't be together but it would be a major obstacle! ;)

...that my father in law surprises me every chance he can- and always in a good way without even knowing it

...that chocolate milk with two sweet n low in your coffee makes for a delicious mix that wakes you right up

...there are really good people out there who do things just to brighten another's day

...that there is a type of shampoo that you can comb into your wet hair and leave it there- you never have to rinse it out!!

...that my son looked adorable after his sponge bath in his little hospital scrubs with his hair combed perfectly

...that my three year old DESPISES nebulizer treatments

...that it is so important to celebrate and cherish every single day with your children because you never EVER know what tomorrow will bring with it.


The MomBabe said...

Well said. Amazing how early that selective hearing pops up.

OHmommy said...

...that there are parents who have no problem leaving their children alone in the hospital

I know! I could not BELIEVE it either.

I wrote about my stay at the hospital with Fifi today in her birthday post...but it looks like people just skimmed my post and did not read that part. :(

Huckdoll said...

God, hun. I'm sorry to read's just so much to comprehend that you and your family are going through this. Many of those things, people will never have to experience - it's just not fair. I remember my Callie being NICU for a day and it was heartbreaking - but to see the little ones that had been in there for months was really hard. I can't even imagine.

My thoughts and prayers is with you.

Miss you.

lattemommy said...

Let's hope that some of those lessons you've learned you will never need again.

So glad that you're all back home now and that your little guy is on the mend. I hope you continue to get the support you need now that you're out of hospital.

crazy working mom said...

Oh, you poor thing.

BIG ((((((Hugs)))))) to you my friend!!!

I hope that things are getting better for you and your family.

LunaNik said...

Despite the serious nature of this post I still see Mountain Momma's sense of humor shining thru. It's really nice to see. and hubby are the same sign so don't write Hot Doc off yet...there still may be a chance ;)

Kelly said...

How about that you are the strongest mom I know and that you totally rock. That your son is blessed to have you, too. Just wanted you to know that you forgot to put that down in print.

Kelley said...

you have learned a lot. Some things I hope you never have to use again.

But one other thing. You have learned that you are strong. You are a wonderful mother and the blogging world knows it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a list. Thanks for sharing, and know that your blog friends are here for you too...whenever you need us.

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