Friday, February 8, 2008


I had a different post in mind for today and I will write's a rambler....but I have to acknowledge a couple of awards that I've received over the past few weeks. I can remember two or three but I thought there were one or two more so if I'm missing someone's award please let me know and I'll post it up here! Thank you to everyone who awarded me and shared my blog...I love that you're reading and sharing! Keep up the comments, too!

The Egel Nest gave me this award for being a new blog and a blog that needs to have it's traffic beefed up! Thanks Egel Nest!!

I'd like to pass this award on to a few of my favorite Bloggies who deserve some love:


Ordinary Art


Ya...About That

Another Award I received was from Kelley over at Magneto Bold Too. I LURVE her blog. She's quite funny and wonderfully honest. I highly recommend reading her and sharing her. She gave me this....
because she thinks I have fun and play nicely with others! Hah! If she only knew....

I believe I shall pass this on to....

LunaNik, again...can't get enough of her!

The Sports Mama

OhMommy....she might have this already but she deserves it!

Mr. Lady

And now for what I believe is the last award....from LunaNik over at Secrets of a Black Heart, a fellow Jersey girl and all around great blogger and person this....
This belongs to anyone and everyone who has ever commented on my blog. You guys are great! Thanks for reading and for coming back and for sharing!!


Ya... About That said...

Awww... you're sweeter than honey, honey! Thank you for the award. Love your blog too (and especially catching up with you on the buzz). I humbly accept this award with much gratitude for all your comments and love!

LunaNik said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I get TWO???

THANKS!!! it that obvious that I'm avoiding #100??

Hoping to have it done by tonight. Honestly, I haven't even started.

Mr Lady said...

She likes me!

She likes me!

*jumps erratically and shrieks*


Thanks, baby!

OHmommy said...

Awww... Thanks. I don't have that one yet.

And congrats on all the awards!

Huckdoll said...

Good for you sweetie! You will have many more of those in your future I bet! Congrats!

The Sports Mama said...

Wow, thanks! :) That is so cool! And yes, I know you've been around my plac for a while.... lol... I've seen your comments before, and love it when you speak up! :)

Thanks again!

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