Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why, yes, I am an 85 year old woman and Other Ramblings from my week Thusfar

I bought a coupon organizer yesterday.

Not a trendy one. Not a cute one. A Shop-Rite one. It's bright yellow and red and I'm fairly certain it says Shop-Rite somewhere on it.

I am so excited to organize my coupons into it.

I love coupons. Seriously. I love the feeling I get when I save money with them. Last week I got the mega jumbo box of Pampers for $10.99!! I had two coupons AND they were on sale! That's like 72 diapers for 11 bucks! I did a happy dance out of the store.

I need to go back to work.

I shop in the middle of the day and now with my coupon organizer I'm going to fit right in with all the old ladies int he supermarket that drive me CRAZY!

Hello, my name is Mountain Momma I have a coupon organizer and I am an 85 year old woman in a 28 year old's body.


The husband and I are sitting here watching TV but we have it on the AUX setting. I just looked and noticed my TiVo is taping something. I casually said to the husband, "I wonder what TiVo is taping." He switched over and it was those infernal Australians on the Upside Down Show!!

Bring on the nightmares!!


My husband had no idea that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were married. We just saw that they are having another baby- duh. He wanted to know who the first baby's father is. For some reason it really bothered me that my husband is so out of it.

He then asked if Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were still dating? WHAT THE HELL!?!? Does he LIVE under a rock!??!

This is what happens when I stop buying People and US Weekly to save money! For the sake fo my husband I may have to go back to purchasing them.


When I can't sleep I have to sleep the opposite way in my bed. I've been doing this since I was a kid. I'll toss and turn for awhile and then finally put my head where my feet should be and vice versa.

I'm asleep within moments.

I've been waking up with my husband's feet in my face quite a bit lately.


I am currently at odds with Babies R Us. All aspects of the store and company. I LOATHE them right now.

This could all change. If it doesn't I'll tell you the story. But know, they are not so nice and not so accommodating!


I'm seriously considering going to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 tomorrow. I was going to camp out for tickets but the husband convinced me there probably won't be a run on them.

I guess he's right.

I guess I'm also going alone.


I walked almost the entire NY Botanical Garden today in flip flops. Why, you ask? Because they matched my tank top.


My feet hurt so bad right now.


Saturday is Staples' Teacher Appreciation Day by me. I am so excited about it.


Saturday may be the only day I set my alarm to get up all Summer!


Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Joey and Phoebe play that question game, I think Ross played, too? Phoebe had some dream about Ross and she was angry with him because of what happened in the dream.

You do rapid fire questions and answer what first comes to mind.

I did it with the husband in bed the other night.

Sometimes he really surprises me. Apparently, he pays attention A LOT more than I realize!

I am SO in trouble!


I'm making sno cones with my kids tomorrow. I'm considering keeping them naked for the activity and then hosing them down afterwards.


My brain is currently mush.

Work starts next week.

I'm going out tomorrow night. I hope. And most likely not to Traveling Pants. (They'll probably be sold out!)

I can't wait.

I hope this wasn't too scattered even though I know it was.

The End.


Zoeyjane said...

I completely have a coupon organizer. It's pastel, from the doaller store and I'm pretty sure the floral motif on it is a knock off of 'Old Roses,' the china pattern.

God, I love that thing.

Kelley said...

We 'infernal Australians' don't have coupons. Biatch.


Kate said...

I LOVE coupons!!

Helen E.M. Wright said...

Tried the coupon thing... I'm horrible at it!

Totally want to see that movie too. I'll be 80 and still watching the teeny-bopper thing. Do you know how excited I am for 90210 this fall?!?!

crazy working mom said...

I have tried the coupon thing, really I have...but I just am not that organized. :(
Kudos to you, though.

I had a tiff with Best Buy years ago and will never shop with them again. For your sake I hope Babies R Us fixes their wrong with you.

Have a good weekend!!!

Kate said...

Okay - I read this earlier and had to come back and comment. My husband just asked "isn't Denise Richards married to Charlie Sheen?" The context of this is irrelevent. He's oblivious.

lattemommy said...

Damn, girl, you're lookin' good for 85! ;)

JLG said...

Yup, I have a coupon organizer too...I've had it for it! I too do the happy dance out of the stores when I use my coupons and come out victoriously over the store! I'm with the husband on the celebrity gossip, I have a hard enough time keeping up with me own life let alone some one else's. Thanks for the laughs...good post:)

Rosie : ) said...

I did the coupon thing for years. But, funnily enough, as I got more kids, I couldn't use them. I was too busy "directing traffic" {organising the kids} while grocery shopping that I forgot to use the coupons! I used to spend at leats an hour a week organising and clipping... Maybe I should start again, it is money well saved. :)

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