Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Having A Party...Check Out Who's Coming

If you've read for awhile you know that recently I joined AllMediocre at the prompting of MOMMYVENTS. I really love it! I love that there are so many bloggers in one place and they have such wonderful stories to share and feelings to express. I love being able to pop over there and see what they're writing and keep coming back for more!

If you haven't done so already you need to check out AllMediocre and of course MOMMYVENTS!

One of the AllMediocre members, Auds at Barking Mad, has come up with a great idea to have a virtual dinner party where everyone is invited! Now, I love throwing a dinner party! I think they're fun and a great way to get to know people!! The purpose of this one is to invite 10 of my favorite bloggers and let you all know why you should be reading them and inviting them to YOUR dinner parties!!

As all wonderful dinner parties do, we start with drinks and appetizers. My first guest is someone who I've been reading for the past few months and she's been reading me for the past few months! We live states away from one another but we seem to have a lot in common. I love hearing all about her little guy and reading her words. Helen from over at My Bloggie Thingie arrives on time with refreshments for all!

Next, bringing in the beer, comes one of my favorite bloggers and a good friend. She's got words that make you think. Stories that make you laugh, then cry. Experiences that are life changing. And a heart that lets you know she's for real. ConverseMomma over at Ordinary Art is a blog that should be in your reader- forever.

The party really gets started when one of the first bloggers I ever read arrives. Girl, from Fertile Mertile, shows up with pink Margaritas and her camera. She is an incredible writer and an amazing photographer and she has some of the most beautiful children I've ever seen!! She is brutally honest and open, and also kind and compassionate. She was introduction to blogging and I am so glad for that!

After we finish our drinks and appetizers it's time to take a seat the table and get dinner started. Other guests are still arriving as the food is laid out.

My next guest is one of my favorite Jersey girls, LunaNik of Secrets of a Black Heart. I've said it before and I'll say it all over again. If you're not reading her, you should be. She's funny. She's open. She's honest. She's controversial. And she's a great person. Her words are amazing and have the power to incite and calm and make you cry and laugh all at once. She takes her seat at the table and pours herself a soda! ;)

Arriving next, with baby in tow, is someone that I'm pretty sure a lot of people are reading. He's somewhat new to the scene but he captured my heart immediately with his story, his curse words and the gorgeous pictures of his beautiful little girl! Matt and Madeline arrive from matt, liz and madeline and take a seat at the table where everyone oohs and ahhs over his preciously beautiful little girl and his amazing talents as a dad.

Half the party is here and it's just getting started. Guests continue to arrive and enjoy the food and drink as we chat and have fun.

LaskiGal from From the Cheap Seats arrives next and I'm so glad she made it! I love her words and pictures about her little J. Her feelings about being a mom are so real and honest and she's always got something great to share.

My 6th guest is one who keeps promising to come over but never seems to make it here. Mom gone mental from Rock and Drool...Mom gone Mental enters with purses in tow. And now everyone has gone from cooing over madeline to oogling the fabulous purses. That's not all she has to offer. She has stories that will make you weep for her little guy and stories that make you pee yourself from laughing. Her words are strong and powerful. They are moving and funny. She is exactly the same in person!

Next comes a fellow AllMediocre patron, actually the one who introduced me to the community- MommyVents. I love reading Feener, aka MommyVents. I love hearing about her life. I enjoy reading her words and understanding that she's like me and has struggles with kids and life. (I wish we didn't.) Reading about her quest to run the half marathon is inspiring and shows me the strength that women everywhere have!

My next guest shows and bring the music for the evening- a little Rocky Mountain High. Momo from over at Momo Fali's shows up with some John Denver and everyone retires to the living room for dessert. Momo is funny. Her kids are hysterical. Her stories are wonderful and I'm convinced that she and I were separated at birth or maybe later. She gets so much of what I have to say and expresses so much of what I'm feeling. Plus, she understand my musical taste.

Finally, my last guest arrives. I wish I didn't have to limit my guest list but, I did. Kate from Kicking you from the Inside shows up just in time for the best part of the evening- dessert and after dinner drinks! Kate and I have only known each other a short time but I really enjoy her blog. Her struggles are real and the words and emotions that she expresses are even more real. She shares every bit of herself and that takes courage, I appreciate that.

The party kicks into high gear and the evening goes into the wee hours of the morning. Everyone shares and laughs and has a great time. It's a dinner party that won't be forgotten!! Make sure you stop by and read each and every one of these guests of mine...they are MORE than worth your time!!
Now, it's your turn...go check out AllMediocre and throw your own dinner party! Make sure you invite me- not on the guest list- just let me know who's coming so I can check them out!!


Feener said...

oh sweetie - you ROCK !!!

ConverseMomma said...

Okay, not even a broken back can keep me away from your blog tonight. I missed posting, especially here.

Have to say that you are very far from mediocre.

And yup, I would definitely bring you beer.

Hugs and love

LunaNik said...


You little stinker you...


Girl said...

Definitely far from mediocre. Much love to ya!

suchsimplepleasures said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
melissa said...

i posted a comment under the wrong blog...sorry!!
as i was saying...
one day, i'm going to show up at your door!!!

Helen E.M. Wright said...

Thanks! I'm sure a good time was had by all!

I will be sure to check out the other dinner guests this week as well as have my own 'party'!

I will's highly unlikely that I would be on time! I was a 10 month baby!

LaskiGal said...

Woo hoo!!! I'm so excited! I'll share some of my 80's mix tapes and a few tubs of chocolate frosting. Oh, and let us not forget the Swedish Fish :)

Don't forget your spoons!!!

The Sports Mama said...

That? Sounds like it would be one heckuva party!

And if Laskigal truly has 80's mix tapes? She has GOT to come to my place next! :)

Stella said...

I'm not in the business of deleting comments but anonymous yours is gone.

Why you felt the need to do that is beyond me and clearly you knew it wasn't right or you would've attached your name. Maybe if you had you would've gotten an invite to the next party.

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