Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Obligatory Olympic Post

Everyone seems to be writing about the Olympics.

I don't care for the Olympics.

I watch them. Especially the swimming, diving and gymnastics.

I don't really enjoy them. Except the swimming.

I love swimming. Love it.

I don't care for the Olympics and my distaste for them dates back.

Way back.

It was the '80s. Maybe even the early '90s. I can't be sure.

The Olympics were on. It had to be the Winter Olympics. That must be why I'm ok with swimming.

This was the time of the Olympic triplecast. Every channel had Olympic related material. I'm fairly certain they were in the US at this point but who can remember. I was livid.

The Olympics had preempted "Who's The Boss?".

I was fuming.

I still am.

I don't care for the Olympics because they took away my Tony and Angela. It was right when it was getting good, too. You know, when Tony and Angela finally stepped away from the vacuum and the advertising and fell in love. The Olympics broke into my "Who's The Boss?" time and for that I will probably always dislike the Olympics.

The winter more than the summer.

I am fully aware that I have issues. And as my friends J and ML have told me, I might want to let go of my grudge against the Olympics because Phelps is on fire and I'm missing all the action.

Good thing he's a swimmer. I can watch without feeling disloyal to Tony and Angela.


Helen E.M. Wright said...

I'm with you! This is the first time I'm somewhat watching the Olympics and it's okay but years and years of them taking away my shows makes me hold a little bit of a grudge!

Besides they are summer ones... no skating!

Mike said...

We need to talk about your prioritites. Live (somewhat) sporting events with world wide implications, or a tv show that shows us that a housekeeper and an executive can find romance.

On second thought, preempt Phelps and bring on Tony and Angela.

The Broken Man said...

We enjoy bits of the Olympics - but there isn't wall-to-wall coverage of it here, and most of it is on in the middle of the night, so we don't end up too fed-up of it. Dreading 2012 though.....

The Broken man

melissa said...

i watched to olympics once this time. once. they bore me. it completely bores me to tear. is that so wrong?!
and i loved who's the boss. so now...i'm mad too!!

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