Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm in the Middle of Enjoying Myself

I've been baking bread a lot lately. I enjoy it. I love bread. My son loves bread. My husband loves bread. My waistline does not enjoy bread all that much. Or maybe it does and that's why it's expanding. At any rate, there's been a good amount of bread in my house as of late and I think it needs to stop. So, I'm making pizza dough this week.

Whole wheat pizza dough.

Last year on vacation I had what's called a Salad Pizza. A regular pizza with salad on top and a little vinaigrette. OH. MY. Was it good!?!? We found a pizza place by my parents that makes it on whole wheat dough. I think I'm going to try it this week. Maybe the husband won't notice.


I got a $5.00 Target gift card in the mail today. I don't know why. It came from Target direct. It brightened my day a little bit. I may have to hit the dollar section at my local Target and celebrate.


I've been planning my 10 year high school reunion and I've been using Facebook to connect with a lot of the girls I went to school with. It makes things easy. I've tried to "friend" this one girl that I graduated grade school AND high school with 2 times and apparently she's denying me. She's friends with everyone else from our class. Weird...I guess maturity does not always come with age.


My son has been using chapstick like it's his job! This worries my husband because he thinks he's going to graduate into Wet N' Wild Hot Pink Mood Lipstick any day now. It doesn't help that my son wanted the Hot Pink Cadillac Escalade Power Wheels over a new Diego bike. It also doesn't help that I want to sign my son up for dance lessons!


My daughter is totally out of sorts. Her schedule is completely off courtesy of vacation. It's not a huge deal except that she's waking up at the drop of a hat now. She used to be a pretty sound sleeper, especially at night. Now? Not so much. Last night we were up for an hour around 11 because I walked in to check on her and she stood up immediately! I held her and rocked her and let her lay in bed with us. And as I did all of that I realized she is HUGE! I don't know when or how she got so big but she is. She is just growing too fast. And it is making me very sad. Yet, I think of the days when she wouldn't open her eyes and she was soooo tiny and it makes me happy to see how good of a job we've done helping her grow and get so HUGE.


I think one of my new neighbors is sneaking into people's yards and taking their plants and then planting them in her own yard. Well, she's not really sneaking. She walked through our yard last night around dinner time. Completely inconspicuous. I think she had taken a few of my roses. She seems like a nice woman. Her fiancee is nice and so is her daughter. We've chatted a few times and I brought them brownies. But it really bothers me that she's walking through my yard on a fairly regular basis and possibly stealing my roses. It also bothers me that her fiancee wears red crocs. But that's another issue for another day.


Summer is almost over. I've been forced to recognize this fact in the past few days. But it's ok because Staples is having a GIANT sale. Like things for a PENNY and NICKEL! Staples and back to school time going perfectly together and I really do enjoy this time of year. I'm excited to get my kids their new lunch bags and get them ready for school. I will miss them and miss our time together but more on that another day.


These randoms were kind of boring but this is garbage that rumbles in my head during the day and at night. I'm off to knead some dough and frost the cake that my son, the chapstick-wearing-dance class taking-Cars Croc wearing-not potty trained three year old, and I made for his grandma and pop-pop.
Summer went too fast, I'm in the middle of enjoying myself.


Helen E.M. Wright said...

One persons garbage is another's treasure!

You need to start a neighbourhood watch program to deal with your neighbour. That is too funny!

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