Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bring on the Poopie Advice

Ok, all you moms, dads, readers, whomever out there I'm turning to you!!

As you may have read this weekend is Potty Training/Poopie U at our house. This is the big push. The boy needs to stop crapping his pants and start putting it where it belongs.

My current plan is to set a timer to go off every 15 minutes. Each time it goes off we head to the potty for 5 minutes. We sit. We chat. We read. We wait. Then we do it again in 15 minutes.

If there's pee we get a small piece of candy. If there's poop we get a BRAND NEW CAR! Uh, no. We get a bigger piece of candy or multiple pieces of the pee reward candy.

Here's where you come in to play. Bring on the poopie advice. Share your best tips, tricks, ideas, whatever! PLEASE!

Please give me all you can over these next few days. Anything you can give me to help us out would be GREAT!!! And so appreciated!! I would LOVE to start the school year with the boy out of pull ups and the girl almost out of diapers.

So, come on share your poopie advice....I'm waiting with bated breath!!!


Kate said...

I would love to help - but I actually have a label on my blog for "potty training hell." It's been a long process...

But I will say, don't get too mired down in rewards. I used to keep my son on the toilet in the evening (around the "poop" time) by giving him some ice cream. It took a long time for me to convince him that he could eat ice cream at the table instead of running for the bathroom. Kids are weird.

the MomBabe said...

just make sure you tape the candy on the wall where he can see it, but not reach it himself.

And maybe you SHOULD put a shiny new car on top of the fridge and sigh whilst saying "I wish you would just go potty in the toilet. I'd love to give you that car, but it's a special potty car for big boys." sigh. sigh. sigh.

And, umm, HEY! I'M BACK!

LunaNik said...

I am really looking forward to reading the comments as I am having trouble potty training as well. My daughter just refuses to use the potty. She just doesn't like it. Grrrrr.

ConverseMomma said...

I told you mine. I bribed Jackie with M&M's. Good luck, darlin.

Anonymous said...

my son could care less, he's now 9 and still goes crap in his pants, nothing we ever did work and we were told to leave him be it's got o be up to him...oh how i hate crap in words of encouragement here

Helen E.M. Wright said...

I always kept a potty in the room that we were in that way he always saw it and didn't miss out on anything. That one was key for us!As time went on little by little I would move it towards the bathroom.

We used suckers/lollipops for 'going poopoo'. Jelly Belly's for pee.

We were the other way around. We had problems with peeing.

Good luck!

Alison said...

we had the same problem in our house...both kids would pee in the potty and poop in their underwear....I think my best advice for you is time and patience. I know you did not want to hear that, but that is what worked the best for us. I can tell you that they now poop in the toilet consistantly!!!!

Hang in there, one day you will laugh about me...I do now!!

Good luck!!

Kelley said...

sweetness you KNOW I have no idea what to do to help. The girls trained themselves and Boo? Well you know the story with him.

Good luck though! And I think mummy needs a new car when it is over as a reward!

crazy working mom said...

Fortunately with mine, it's been the opposite. They didn't poop in their pants, it was the pee that we had trouble with. They'll learn in their own time. Seriously...I got so tired of hearing that with both of mine, but it happened. It's like with Tyler one day a light just went off and he started going to the potty! Just try to be patient, Mom!

Manager Mom said...

Seriously? I found nudity to be the most effective. Let him run around naked. You might have a few "accidents" but it usually freaks them out more to poop or pee in the air than in their pants or the toilet.

Two naked days with The Boy did the trick for us quite nicely.

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