Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday in The Park

Sunday dawned early....we began our day around 6am because there was lots to do and get ready for. Luckily, in all of my wisdom, I had prepared the night before. I knew exactly what the girl was wearing and what I was planning on wearing. I had packed the diaper bag, cleaned the car, and packed the girl's breakfast and lunch. I even pre-filled her sippy cup so I wouldn't have to worry about it in the morning. I was set. I rolled out of bed and was ready to go. Sort of. We headed out, made a quick stop at grandma's house to borrow a few navigational tools and then we were really off!

Our first stop on our journey? Luna's house. It was a short drive from grandma's to Luna's. But it gave me just enough time to worry that Luna was not, in fact, Luna the incredibly smart, funny, quick witted and totally kind mommy I had come to know in the past few months. The ride gave me just enough time to think that maybe we were driving into an ambush. Maybe Luna was really Larry and he was going to kill my daughter and I. Maybe, just maybe, this was all a set up and I was in for the worst surprise of my life. Not the case at all.

The girl and I arrived at Luna's and she came out and she was exactly what I expected. She was cute and nice and totally at ease with everything about herself and the situation. (Unlike me who was still waiting for Larry to jump out of the bushes.) We loaded up the car with her stroller and then her adorably sweet, friendly and funny little girl, L. We were all set. We hopped on the road and headed towards our destination- The Park. We were headed to meet more mommies, more kiddos, more friends.

Conversation flowed easily for Luna and I. I was so happy to have those moments to get to know her even better. It was so nice to be past those initial "first date" feelings because we had come to know each other so well through our writing and conversations. Luna is exactly who she puts out there through her words, whether they are blogs or comments or ims or whatever. She is completely real. She is completely intelligent. She is kind and friendly and has a beautiful heart. She is fun, too. She is exactly the person I want planning my 30th surprise birthday party and the girls weekend away. She is the person I would turn to for honest advice as well as comfort. She is city savvy and completely down to earth. She is the woman we all want for our friend.

The trip continued and we were moments away from our final destination when poor little L started to cry. And it was weird. Even I knew it was weird. Everything had been fine up until that point. The girls were enjoying Dora on the DVD and the moms were enjoying each other's company. Then L began to cry and she wouldn't/couldn't tell us why. Then it happened. This poor little curly haired darling blew chunks. All over herself. I felt so terrible for her. What a feeling!?!? Everyone knows that puking is no fun and it's especially no fun for a little one in a strange car in a strange place surrounded by strange people. We made a slight detour on trip and the kindness of strangers came into play. Luna cleaned up L as best she could but unfortunately she was left without any pants. A decision had to be made. Did we continue to our playdate or did we go home? Luna offered to just take the train but I could never, ever put a mom and her car sick little one on a train and go about my day as if nothing had happened. We decided we would hit the play date, briefly, and then head home. No big deal. We'd still get to meet everyone and say hello, it would just be short.

Our journey continued. We made a slight detour into a part of town that was not originally on our itinerary for the day but quickly found where we were supposed to be. We also found a meter free spot and made our way into the park. We were late. We were walking fast, navigating streets with one difficult jogging stroller and another stroller whose wheels just did not want to cooperate. Finally, our destination.

From a ways back I saw this red jacket. It was bright. It was on a woman. It was tailored. I loved it. I pretty much figured it was OHMommy. Why? Because I could see it was on a woman who was put together and easy going and looking fabulous in the midst of chaos. It wasn't. It was her sister, Kash. We came closer and there were kids everywhere. We formed this circle and the hellos and introductions began. A hug from OHMommy. A hello from Kash. A smile from two gorgeously put together blond OHkids who clearly belonged in the pages of a magazine. Things were looking good. Everyone was super nice and pretty much at ease.

OHMommy was better than expected. I'm not a hugger. It's just not in my nature. I don't know why. It just isn't. I'm especially not a hugger with people I barely know. But the ease with which OHMommy approached me made me feel totally comfortable. She has this "power" to charm and calm all at the same time. She has this aura of class and fashion and love for her family that is overwhelming from the moment you meet her. And that fact that she was wearing a gorgeous white jacket with two children under the age of 10 was amazing to me! We, again, fell into conversation easily. She asked questions with her distinctive and lovable midwestern accent, seriously I love that accent. She talked of her husband at home and her flight in and what they had been doing since arriving. She just oozed warmth and class in a way that I'm not so sure I've seen before.

OHMommy is probably the type of mom that would have intimidated me at a normal playgroup. She's the mom that I would have been nervous to get to know. She is gorgeous. She is put together. She is calm. She is friendly. She is amazing with her children. And she is friendly from the moment you meet her. She is the woman I want to sit and drink coffee with all afternoon and then have wine with in the evening. She is woman I want to sit with on the beach and enjoy the sun and chatting and watching our kids play together. She is the type of person who smiles and you know she likes you and you can open up to her. She honest and understanding and warmth all wrapped into a fabulously classy package.

Last but not even close to least is ConverseMomma, CM. CM is the only mom that I haven't spoken to in "real time" but she is probably the mom I feel knows me the best and I know the best. Not sure why, exactly, but I feel like there's a connection. (Not that there isn't with the other moms but I don't know, there's just something.) CM was there with her two beautiful children, Bugs and Butterfly, and her husband Simon, I mean D. ;) CM understandably brought her husband with her to our play date. Two kids. Traveling. WAY TOO MUCH! I had convinced my husband to take the boy to work with him because I just could not fathom bringing him with me. It just would have been too crazy wielding that double stroller and all the necessities and trying to keep and eye on him and still have a nice time. But I digress....so CM brought D, who was incredible with Bugs. Seriously great dad and I really think that all of the husbands would get along famously.

CM and I said our hellos and introduced our daughters to one another. They are only a few short months apart and they giggled at each other. I believe they even shared some dirt together but I can't be positive. It was adorable. CM was what I expected, too. Completely down to earth. Completely friendly. Completely normal- no freak there! She had on her trademark cons and was beautifully comfortable looking with her curly hair (totally envious), and her fabulous highlights! She was the mom I'd meet at the park and have over for dinner and future play dates.

CM is the woman I would have met on the first day of college and been inseparable with. She is the woman who I know I could call who would understand when I needed to cry, when I needed to laugh and when I needed to just be. She is the woman I want sitting in my backyard or on my front stoop with me drinking beer or wine and enjoying the afternoon and evening. She is the woman who is incredibly compassionate and kind and friendly. She is the woman who I know is there. She is the woman who would have my back in a fight and hold my hand through the scary parts of life. She is the woman I know would understand my fears about my children and rejoice in the momentous occasions with me. She is incredibly funny with a fabulous sense of sarcasm and wit. She is outgoing and fun. She is the counterpart I wish lived closer.

Our meeting wasn't brief but it wasn't long. The kids ran around. The moms talked of blogging and how we found one another. We talked of future meetings. We talked of continuing to talk. We talked of our kids and things that we all knew about each other. We just enjoyed each other. And then we parted ways. Luna and I headed back to our fabulous parking spot that was so good, I almost didn't want to give it up. CM and D and Bugs and Butterfly headed back to the train and home for the afternoon. And OHMommy headed into the park a little deeper and then off to the airport. Our meeting was too brief for our liking. But it was perfect in every other way. I am incredibly lucky to have found this community of women who is fabulously friendly, classy, outgoing, funny and just wonderful. I am incredibly lucky to add such genuine and endearing women to my circle of friends and I can only hope they share that.

Stop by each of their blogs and see their impressions of the day and of each of us.


the MomBabe said...

I love how y'all are summing each other up.

and yes, I'm still jealous.

Kimmylyn said...

I am with mombabe.. I am still so jealous. But it is really awesome to read each one of you talented ladies posts about one another..

suchsimplepleasures said...

i think that sounds so incredibly amazing!! you are all so lucky to have met and to have cliqued like that!!
i'm so jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this detailed account. How cool.

ConverseMomma said...

Now you have gone and made me cry. Seriously, move here. The house across the street is still for sale. I'll get you a job at my school. I totally love you. We are now officially blogging sisters and friends for life. There will be MANY MORE playdates and conversations to come. You are too good to be true. Seriously!!!!

Kelley said...

so jealous! There are no other bloggers out where I am. Most people look at me like I am a weirdo stalker when I say I blog!

Sounds like such a wonderful day.

Lisa said...

That sounds like it was really great! So glad it was a great time :)

LunaNik said...

Your day started at 6am?!! No wonder you were yawning on the ride home!

I have to say that reading all of our impressions of each other has been really fun, hasn't it??

OHmommy said...

Geez.... I am just g etting around to reading blogs tonight.





I puffy heart being able to meet people that I feel really close to. It was surreal. It was awesome. It was incredibly cool. Thanks for making the drive.

It will not be my last time in NYC. I have friends there now. :)

Huckdoll said...

This was lovely, but not helping my insane jealousy levels at all :)

Anonymous said...

OMG it all sounds so perfectly ridiculous. You could always add "And then we all held hands and sang before we said goodbye. Sunshine blowing out of each of our as*es!"

LunaNik said...


How did you know we sang and held hands?? That was supposed to be our secret. And yes, blowing sunshine out our asses did actually happen, too. Better that than blowing shit out our mouth, anonymously, onto other people's blogs like you do.

Oh, and by the way, anonymous commenters are effing cowards. If you're gonna say it, own it. Then again, hiding behind your computer screen and spewing crap must make you feel great, eh? How dare I try to take that away from you. I bet you were picked on in high school.

Go back to your cave troll. You're not welcome here. (Unless you can play the ukulele. We really need a ukulele player to round out our rendition of Kumbaya.)

ConverseMomma said...

Are you kidding me? What sort of person does this? What sort of lame arse individual posts anonymous comments on other people's blogs bashing their good time. How lame is that? Jealous much? Our meeting at the park was ridiculous tho, wasn't it? Ridiculously AWESOME to be able to meet people we feel we have known through the power of words, to bond with other women who are both different and similar to ourselves, to share laughs as fellow Mommy's and friends, no loser anonymous comment can ruin that. Oh, cue the music and let's have a group hug ;)

Love ya, rockstars!

OHmommy said...


I am speechless.

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