Monday, April 7, 2008

I Need a Weekend... recover from my weekend.

We had a really nice weekend. It was relaxing and fun and spent with friends and family but by Sunday night I was spent, as were my children and my husband. The result? The stomach flu reared it's ugly, puking, head once again.

It started with the girl. I felt so bad for her. She vomited up the feast that she enjoyed earlier in the evening when we went out to dinner. Then proceeded to try and expel every other bodily fluid from her body via her mouth. The poor kid! She's never really puked before. She's spit up and a few times in the beginning of her life we thought she had a pyloric disorder, but those have been the extents of her vomiting experience. She proceeded to yack from 2am on.

The husband then got in on the act. No yacking until early this morning but definitely flu-like tendencies and pains. He moaned and writhed in our bed as I slept on the air mattress with my puke factory and the boy, who was working on hacking up his lung.

Finally, we got the girl back asleep in her crib around 5:30am, I called out of work, unhappily, and climbed into bed with the slowly expiring husband. And then it hit me. The churning. The cramping. The pain. YUCK.

The husband went into work for a few hours to get some paperwork done but was home by 10:30 when the party was really getting started. He took the kids downstairs and left me in bed to sleep and writhe. And I did. I got up once to go downstairs to see how everything was but the couch was too uncomfortable so back to bed it was. I christened our new garbage can and then went back to sleep. Until 7:30pm when I finally rolled my a$$ out of bed and downstairs. That is where I currently lay. On the comfy part of the couch recounting the day's events and thinking about the fun we had this weekend. Even without the flu, I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

We enjoyed beginning the Tudors Series on DVD. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good story! We've only seen two episodes and so far we really like it. Jonathan Rhys Myers- H-O-T, even though he is boffing everyone except his wife!

We also watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks". The kids and the husband loved it. It was a nice break in our Saturday. Some family time spent in front of the TV- quality. ;)

Saturday night we enjoyed quite the Mexican fiesta with friends of ours- two of which got engaged yesterday! YAY! We're very excited for them! And it was nice to spend the entire evening talking and enjoying each other's company. We definitely need a repeat.

Sunday we celebrated my parents 35th wedding anniversary. 35 years! Incredible. We went out for Spanish food- delicious. Not always the most fun with a 3 year old and 1 year old preparing for puke-a-palooza later on in the evening. But nonetheless a nice night.

We had a fun filled busy weekend and I am so glad we did. We are blessed to live the life we live and while it's hard sometimes and stressful and puke-filled, it's all worth it. I'll take weekends like this over and over again if someone could just negotiate making Monday and Tuesday non-working days!


crazy working mom said...

Bless your heart...I'm all for adding Monday and Tuesday as part of the weekend!!! : )

Kelly said...

While they are at it, can't wed-friday be none work weeks too.
Sigh, I think I'm getting that flu too.

LunaNik said...

Man alive there's a whole lot of puking going on over there lately! Something in the water maybe? Or something in that fresh mountain air? Wow.

Hey, the last Saturday in April is when OhMommy and co. will be in NYC for a in?? Please say yes. We can all go to Central Park Zoo or something. Fun!

Huckdoll said...

The weekend sounded lovely, especially the Mexican fiesta! Yum! Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos...and you guys, too. Hopefully you guys will be healthy for the rest of the year after this.

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