Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Fun With Randoms

It's Friday, I love me some Friday!

I've been reading about a lot of people who are just backing away from blogging for many different reasons. I understand. I feel as if it has been a struggle lately to write. To even sit down and do anything other than work or school work. I have ideas and they bounce around in my head but then I forget them. They must not be that important.

If I can think of something to write, I will, otherwise, oh well...


The boy is better. Thank God!

I really can't stand puke. I can't stand the smell or the thought or anything. Now, because that first power puke came out all over the carpet, my carpet smells. I've been vacuuming every day to get the smell out and using that carpet fresh stuff that you sprinkle. Hopefully, that will work.


I feel like I'm funnier in real life than on here and it disappoints me. I had a conversation with someone, who also has young children, and I made that frat house reference and they thought it was hysterical. Maybe it was just that person. Maybe I need to be in conversation to be funny. I mean, I think that people think I'm funny. Who knows? I just feel somewhat disappointed in myself on this one....I'm funny dammit!


Has anyone else noticed the influx of maternity-like shirts?!?!? I went to Kohl's the other day to get some pants- I had a credit, woo hoo!- and just about every single shirt out there looked like a freaking maternity top! Now, I enjoyed the flowing tent like style of maternity tops when I was pregnant, but honestly, now, I don't need it. I don't need people thinking I'm with child when I'm not. And the tops are cute but I know that I'll look pregnant and it's just not what I want. Could we make something slightly less 9 months along?


My daughter is walking. On her own. I think it's the most fabulous thing ever! She was cruising and then taking a few steps on her own but now she's walking. She'll stand up from the middle of the floor and just walk around! She looks adorable doing it because she holds her hands up to keep her balance and just toddles....adorable! I can't believe she's seems like just yesterday she was teeny tiny in my arms....God, I feel old.


Did anyone else see New Kids on the Block has reunited!??! I LOVED them! Jon was my favorite because well, everyone else were losers! First, Kathie Lee Gifford back on TV and now NKOTB back together?!?! It's a sure sign of the apocalypse.


And the pregnant man!??! Check it out....Oprah had him on yesterday....he was a she and now he's having a baby.
Ok, my brain is oatmeal....I actually can't think of or remember anything else I wanted to say and again, disappointed!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and it isn't raining where you are!


OHmommy said...

SHe's walking? Oh... congrats. How sweet.

My sis is in NYC and is going to see the NKOTB tomorrow. Can you imagine?

Have a good Friday!

The Sports Mama said...

How exciting that she's walking! I remember when my boys started walking.

Now, I wish I could slow them down. The teenager seems to be moving so quickly away from me. It breaks my heart.

The MomBabe said...

Okay, so the pregnant man, just starts a whole slew of thoughts for me. Cause he WAS a woman originally. So, he's not a pregnant man. She's a pregnant lady who bought some man parts.

ALSO, if you are transgendered and then you get married, are you gay? Or is your significant other gay? Maybe not your other half, cause they've always liked the other gender, but you were a different gender originally, so you're a woman married to a woman, even though you look like a man, right?

Kelly said...

Hoot! Hoot! for baby steps. Miss Molly is so close. Time is just flying. She crawled up the stairs yesterday. Where did my baby go??

LunaNik said...

So glad the boy is feeling better! No more puke...hooray! And the girl is walking??? That's great. So exciting to watch them grow so quickly.

Oh and I have to say that I LOVE the style of the maternity-like-shirts. I really do! They are actually pretty flattering. Try one on, you'll see.

NKOTB. I'm so NOT excited. Yeah sure I liked them when I was a kid but I would NEVER be able to listen to more than 30 seconds of them now without puking.

And sometimes stories are just funnier when told in person so that you can use voice inflection and dramatic pauses to add to the humor or the moment, ya know. I bet your hysterical in person...even more so after a glass of wine...or two ;)

Kelley said...

W00t at the walking.

And the funny thing? I so hear ya! Sometimes I will post something that cracked me up, and others, and everyone is all Meh. Then other times I will just throw up a post and people think it is hilarious. And I have no idea why... and then there are the times when I say something like 'I died na na nana na' to sarcastically make a point and people take me seriously... so yeah, I think the whole phunny thing loses something when transcribed.

crazy working mom said...

I'm so glad to see the maternity like shirts 'cause they're cheaper to buy than actual maternity shirts and they look way cuter! *LOL* PLUS, I will be able to wear them after the pregnancy. :)

Oh, and NKOTB...WHOO HOO!!!! :)
I loved Joey.

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