Friday, October 24, 2008

Irony Much? Foreshadowing?

This was on my Starbucks' Cup this morning.

Can we laugh at cancer? Is it funny to lose your breasts? Am I crazy to have to humor when I lose my hair? Should I ignore the giggles while receiving chemo? What if I nudge someone and sneak a smile, even though I have no eyebrows? Is it inappropriate? Don't be offended, it beats waxing!!
~Julie Wade~

The irony of it all and the fact that I'm going to get checked today does not escape me.


A Buns Life said...

That IS ironic. I'll be thinking about you today....hang in there.

Leendaluu said...

karma has a twisted sense of humor. I'll also be thinking of you today. Be positive.

Alison said...

hmmm....weird..thinking of you..please keep us posted.

Momo Fali said...

I hope all is well. Let's hope it was just a weird coincidence.

the MomBabe said...


Colleen said...

I've just read these last 2 posts. Now I'm realizing it's after 8pm on Friday. I'm thinking of you and hoping you're alright.

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