Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Madness

I know that not all of you were disappointed with my lack of a Friday Randoms but I did get one or two people expressing some sadness at the lack of Friday Randoms, so here they are- on Monday.
I haven't had much milling around in my head lately so these will most likely be boring.....

School buses have become the bane of my existence. I LOATHE them. I take back roads to get to my job in the morning and these back roads are winding and twisty and narrow. They have double yellow lines that you cannot pass over. The one road, in particular, I am on for the bulk of my journey and inevitably I get stuck behind a school bus. I believe that not only are we making our kids fat by feeding them incessant amounts of junk food but we are also adding to their poundage by putting a bus stop every 30 feet! Seriously, can't you walk half a block and have all the kids from one part of the neighborhood meet there?!?! Little kids....yes I get. They should have their stops practically at their driveways. Older kids?!? NO! WALK! And when the bus stops to pick you up, how about you pick up the pace a bit and get on the bus like you understand that there are people who need to get to work and are already running late and you yapping away on your cell phone or text messaging the kid in front of you is just making those people in the cars behind your bus contemplate that much more seriously the idea of plowing you down just so they can get to work on time!??!?!
I discovered this weekend that Boxing for the Wii is just like Tae Bo except you don't have to listen to Billy Blanks tell you to keep counting and he can't hear you counting. Tennis is more fun and much less strenuous. I'm excited to test out my driving skills with Mario Kart. Maybe that will be my Mother's Day present.......God, I hope not.
Speaking of Mother's Day, it's this Sunday. My husband works on Mother's Day. It's a big restaurant day. He'll probably be at work by 10:30 or 11, at the latest. Last Mother's Day he made me pancakes. We had no pancake mix in the house so he had to use cake flour. Ok. He tried to follow the recipe. They were not good. It's the thought that counts. I'm going to the supermarket this week and buying pancaking mix. And bacon. I love bacon.
My daughter has mastered the art of saying, no I'm sorry SCREAMING the word 'no'. The best part of this? She does it right after my son says no to something we've told him to do. At first it was cute. Now, I'm worried. The real beast within is coming out and she looks remarkably like a toddler.
Alison over at RDHMom has awarded me with a You Make My day award. I love it! I really enjoy reading Alison's blog and her adoption stories are incredible!!
Thanks so much Alison! I love it! I suppose I should pass it on......

The MomBabe
Mr. Lady

I could pass on to many more....everyone makes my day when they comment, seriously. Well, just about everyone!
Comments....yes comments.....up until this point I have allowed anonymous comments. I figured maybe there were people out there who wanted to share their thoughts but didn't want to share their names. Ok. No problem. I've had one or two nasty anonymous comments. I've dealt with them or my "posse" has dealt with them. This weekend was the icing on the cake. The straw that broke the camel's back. The end of the anonymous comments. I won't accept them anymore. You can feel free to say what you'd like, nasty, jealous, mean, ridiculous, whatever you want, but you must have a name associated with said comments. You don't have to be a member but you need to have a name. That is that.
I took the kids to McDonald's this weekend. Yeah, that's right my kids eat crap from time to time. You know what? MickeyD's was my SAVIOR after my daughter was born. You could catch me there at least once a week because it was a controlled environment where my son could play and actually eat food rather than running around like a crazy banshee and refusing to consume food. Plus, it got me out of the house and allowed me to see that there are other human beings with children outside of my house. I digress. So, my friends and I took my kids to the Golden Arches. The boy is playing. The girl, chowing down on her cheeseburger. It was nice. I could see the boy's energy tank emptying- fast. We're sitting there chitchatting, nothing crazy. I overhear a conversation behind me. It's a dad and his daughter. The daughter says something about kids climbing UP the slide. You know, like kids do. The climb up the slide, it's fun, it's a challenge, it's just what kids do. So this candidate for Father of the Year is talking to his daughter about other kids climbing up the slide and says to her, and I quote, "If you come down the slide and some other kid is climbing up just kick them. They'll get out of the way." AWESOME! I'm totally voting for him in Father of Year....maybe I'll even present him with the award myself after I kick his ass!
Last random thought....I saw Juno this weekend. Excellent movie. Very good. Highly recommend it. Not only touching and an incredible insight into adoption but also funny and enjoyable. I highly recommend it. It's entertaining and touching. Very good.

Randoms over. Told you. Boring.


the MomBabe said...

Aww, thanks for the bloggy love!

Meanwhile, how could anyone say something nasty to you? You're like, the sweetest gal ever.

HRD said...

Oh yeah, the father of the year. I couldnt believe he told her to kick them. Kind of like my parents at school telling the kids at age 6 to hit back!

ConverseMomma said...

I think Butterfly might be German. Instead of no, she says Nein, Nein!! Seriously, what's up with that.

I wonder if your father of the year knows the mother of the year I met at the supermarket. Gah!

Love and hugs!

Kelley said...

I totally want Wii fit for Mothers Day. It comes out here the day before. methinks it is a pipe dream.

I haven't tried out the boxing, thanks for the tip, I will give it a go!

OHmommy said...

I got read of anon comments too.

I had bacon for breakfast today and fell in love with it all over again. Damm it is good.

I watched JUNO for the very first time this week. It finally came on Netflix and it was awesome. I laughed so much. I miss watching movies.

People should walk more. You are right.

I love McDonalds... it is like totally organic. The chicken is all white meat now.

Okay. Nuff rnadoms. Have a good one!

OHmommy said...

I meant to say...

I got RID of annon comments too.

Huckdoll said...

Not boring!

What is with the anons attacking the nicest people?!? It's sad and pathetic.

I just rented a girly movie tonight for the first time since last last year. 27 Dresses! Eeek!

LunaNik said... award! Awesome. Thanks babe.

LOL @ OhMommy's organic McDonalds comment =D

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