Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Many of us celebrate this weekend, this beginning of Summer, with bbqs and parties with friends and family. We drink, we eat, we take for granted. This holiday is about those who have given their lives and fought for us. It is about remembering.

I forget that.

I went online this morning to read the paper and found that one of the area papers was featuring excerpts from a diary of a father whose son was in Iraq and is currently a Marine. I was engrossed by it. Couldn't stop reading it. Couldn't stop crying as I read.

You can be anti-Bush, I am. You can be anti-War, I am. You can be and believe whatever you want but I think all of us must be grateful for the job that these men and women have done and are doing over there regardless of why.

I may be anti things but I am 110% pro soldier. Pro Troops.

Check out the diary if you have time and if not just stop for a moment today or tomorrow and give a word of thanks and maybe even a prayer for them.

Half My Heart Is in Iraq


3XMom said...

You are so right. We were at a baseball game today and at one point they announced some special guests - some soldiers home from Iraq and Afghanastan who were in the audience - from Walter Reed Medical Center - 6 Marines in wheelchairs. I started sobbing. Our men and women (and their families) have gone through so much. yet there is so much more we can do - and first off, never forget.

OHmommy said...

We have forgotten.... it is so easy to have a nice BBQ! My kids have no idea what it is for. ;)

LunaNik said...

Right on, Stella. How easily we forget what this day truly means.

CableGirl said...

You make such a good point and I think more people need to think in those terms. No matter how you feel abotu politics or the administration or the war in general, it is important to be pro- Troops. Our troops need our support here at home more than anything else because their family security and health benefits are being slowly stripped away while they are off risking their lives for our government.

BTW, I got to you through Lunanik. :)

Caffeine Court said...

Amen to that. We always make sure our daughters know that Memorial Day is not just about going to the beach. We attend our town's parade and memorial services and remind them how brave our soldiers are. It's important that they realize how much our soldiers have sacrificed for us.

Bunchy said...

Thanks for this, Stella. So many people take their anti-Bush, anti-war feelings out on people like my husband, who is just serving our country and fighting in Iraq when they tell him to because it's his job. He wants to do it so his children, hopefully, won't have to. Great post...thanks for the reminder to those people who don't live with the knowledge every day. xoxo

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