Thursday, May 8, 2008

Apparently I Can Be Random in the Middle of the Week, too

I did something yesterday that I have not done, well, ever. I deleted a post. I wrote it. Published it. Deleted it. I think the only person that may have read it was OhMommy. I don't know why exactly I deleted it. I wasn't thrilled with it. It sounded whiny to me. I wasn't impressed with what I had to say and I felt like it was completely without direction. So a few keystrokes later and it was gone. Never to return.

I really haven't had much I've felt inspired to write about although I feel like things are brewing. I would like you to head over to Classy Chaos and read OhMommy's post about MommyBloggers. She and I share many of the same sentiments in this category. I do plan on addressing this in the next few days but she does such an excellent job of it that I want to make sure everyone gets to read it!!! And just for the record....Kathie Lee Gifford, total CRACKPOT in the clip from the Today show! Way to be a journalist KLG!!

Today is Thursday. Tonight is Grey's. I don't know about the rest of you but I love Grey's. Seriously. I was a little put off with the end of last season and then this one began pretty slowly and in a crappy fashion but it appears that the writers' strike has done some good! I am actually excited to see tonight's episode. This is the only night of the week that I don't bring home work to do as I watch TV. I also use Grey's as my workout motivator. I won't allow myself to watch it unless I've worked out for the day. Incidentally, that works out quite well because I TiVo it and then fast forward through all the commercials!

So, a few weeks ago my dad had me chained to a pole in their basement to help clean it out. Not really, DUH, but he had been begging me for weeks to just go through some of the junk down there and get rid of the stuff I don't want. There was a lot of baby crap down there and stuff from high school and college. Stuff I didn't need, nor did I want any longer, but just had not gotten around to cleaning it. My parents are re-doing their basement so that they can turn it into a playroom for their grandchildren. I think it's a great idea. We used it as a playroom growing up then it got nasty down there and we stopped. So, we took a Sunday afternoon and headed into the hole to clean.

I'm a point in my life where I do want to de-clutter. I'm finally getting rid of those clothes that I said I was going to sell on eBay. They're going to Good Will. I'm selling off baby items that will expire, safety wise, before we have our next child. If we have a next child. I'm cleaning out. We have too much unnecessary stuff that has just accumulated over the years and I'm fine with tossing it. My father informed me that all I had to do was point to what needed to go in the garbage and what needed to be stored in the attic and what needed to go into my car to come home with me. That last category, totally the smallest amount of stuff! So, anyway. This was going to be easy. I knew most of it was getting chucked. I started pointing and saying the word garbage over and over again. He, for whatever reason, found this frustrating. Apparently, he thought I was lying when I said 90% of that crap can get tossed. I was not. I do not need every single stuffed animal that I have ever owned. I do not need the picture collage made by my friend from my 16th birthday, even though I loved it. I do not need the pictures from Christmas parties as my old job or every single book I ever purchased during my lifetime. I do not need them. I do not want them. I do not have time to sell them. GARBAGE.

We got a lot accomplished that day. A LOT of stuff went out. I recovered my thesis research on Rape myths. I found some old textbooks that will come in handy during my counseling classes. And I found the GIANT book of CDs that I thought for sure had been stolen along with the rest of my possessions and my car on my 21st birthday.

That CD book is precious! Apparently, I was way into Christian rock. Which if you don't know it's Christian rock does not sound like Christian rock. It makes sense. I was hardcore youth group as a teen. Many of my closest friendships, or the ones that have maintained throughout my life, became stronger because of youth group. It was a really good time in my life and I cherish the incredible memories I have of it. As I was flipping through the book I found my RENT CDs. I LOVED RENT. I saw the original Broadway production just after it opened and it was INCREDIBLE. It is probably my favorite Broadway show. I haven't seen many but I've seen enough and I've seen the good ones and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE RENT.

I took the CDs out and I've been listening to them. The words and the music are just phenomenal. I think listening to it now has moved me more than it did when I first saw the show. And I am incredibly disappointed that it's closing. I'd like to see it again before it closes. But apparently, the original cast is getting back together for a tour and I think I may like to see that more. ANYWAY, I digress, again! So, I've been listening to the CDs in the car for probably the past two weeks. And yesterday the best thing ever happened. My three year old son began to dance and sing along with the music. Knowing the words. Knowing the beat. Knowing it all. It. Was. Fabulous.

I never wanted to be that mom who had Barney and Raffi playing in my CD player. For awhile I was. I had every Laurie Berkner song memorized. My son had them memorized. It was the nature of the beast that is children's music. Then I stopped it. I couldn't take it anymore. I would rather have my kids walking around singing Skynard or Billy Joel than Berkner. Don't get me wrong, she's great, but I want my kids to know the Beatles, and the Eagles and Zeppelin and the Barenaked Ladies and all kinds of other music, and of course some classical. Needless to say when my child started rocking out to RENT yesterday it brought tears to my eyes. I thought it was the most fabulous thing, ever. He really enjoyed himself. He loved that I thought it was great and he just kept singing and dancing from his car seat. Now, if I could just break him of that nasty Yo Gabba Gabba habit, we'd be set!


Don Mills Diva said...

I am so glad OHMommy brough that to me attention - KLG is a freak!

Momo Fali said...

If people would expose their kids to something other than Barney or Sesame Street, they would be surprised how much the kids love something with some depth. This is why I love Guitar Hero, because now my daughter walks around singing Heart and Black Sabbath!

LunaNik said...

Good for you for just throwing out the stuff you don't need. I'm terrible at that! You're my new inspiration. And, can you believe I have never seen Rent?! I should go before it closes, eh?

the MomBabe said...

I read your phantom post. And I agree, that the situation kinda sucks.

Moving on, my kids listen to regular music. Except it's kinda bad when they start singing "stupid girl" by Pink at church....

OHmommy said...

It took me forever to figure out what you wrote yesterday.


ConverseMomma said...

OMG, jummpy, jump, jump, jump, jump! From Yo, Gaba, Gaba, is always in my head. I totally want my kids to rock out to the same music you listen to.

Rent, the heart swoons!!

Hey, and like I told Ohmommy, they only hate when they are jealous. You are so lovely. You are real and sweet and true. I am so happy we have developed a friendship and I look forward to sustaining it over the years. Stay strong, babe!

LaskiGal said...

I've done that before. Written an entire post. Then, I picture my mom reading it (she still doesn't know about my blog, not sure she knows what a blog is) and I deleted it. It wasn't even all that bad . . .

I like this post--a lot of random goodness--beginning with the whole mommy blogger thing. Good grief, this has been a hot topic of late . . .

Love Grey's--still on my DVR waiting for me to watch it!!! Hope it was a good episode.

I want my basement to be a playroom! I was thinking of requesting to be on one of those HGTV or DIY shows. Plus, some of those carpenter guys are HAWT! (eek, don't tell the hubs!).

Totally decluttering. We just gave away a mattress, a TV, some dishes, and a fan to a friend whose daughter is moving into her first apartment. Good deed=declutter!!!

I am so in agreement--RENT is one of the best ones. I saw CATS. I hated it. Only play/musical I ever saw that I hated.

OMG--this is the longest comment. I'm a big commenter . . . Hmmm...should my comments be longer than my posts?

U just had a great post that got me going. Your fault!


The Sports Mama said...

My teenager LOVES classic rock! His favorite bands ever are Skynard and the Eagles. And? He loves the 80s hair bands! Its enough to make me cry, it makes me so happy! :) Its the coolest thing ever to be able to enjoy the same music, and know that its not something that will cause great embarrassment when he walks around singing in public!

Immoral Matriarch said...

Don't you DARE blaspheme Yo Gabba Gabba!

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